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Mar 13, 2010 | 11:37 PM EST
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1036 x 573 px
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Author Comments

Another picture I did in photoshop, didn't turn out quite like I thought....but what can you do?



Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Review Request Club

I wish the bigger picture was more defined. The smaller screenshot makes the wavy line look pretty sharp, but when you bring it into the full image it looks really, really pixellated. Not sure if it was deliberate or not, but if it was it really doesn't work.

In general something seems, about this. I've seen two other pieces by you and this is probably the weakest. There's a good idea here, it just isn't executed in a way which totally functions? It's got potential, but it could probably use a second look just to make it more cohesive.

However, after all that negativity...there are parts I liked. The ETH3R part is really nicely done; it doesn't take up a lot of space, but it's still prominent enough to act as a signature. And the typeface is different than it was in your other two! Which is great, because this one flows a lot better with the main idea of the picture, that being the wavy line.
The background itself is really interesting, there's a nice use of colours and the black gives an almost-feeling of depth, but a definite feeling of variety, far more than you would have had if it had been a simple rainbow gradient. I think if this was a little shorter-maybe half the size?- this could work really well as a BBS signature. THe wavy line, though a little odd in full view, looks pretty good here and fits in pretty well with everything that was going on. The topmost line of red seems a little absent as the white line doesn't reach that high up, but in general looks okay.

It's not your best work, but it's still pretty good. Something went a little off in the execution, but there are a fair few nice touches in here.

-Review Request Club

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Flash-Gamers responds:

Thanks for the review!

Yeah this pic looks better the way it is, cuz the full size of the image is REALLY pixelated so I agree with you on that.

Would make a tight bbs or banner, but too lazy to change all that stuff on my profile again...will do it one day, and dazzle you all!

But all and all this illustration is the result of an accident so I didn't want this illustration to go to waste so I just posted it.


Rated 4 / 5 stars

Quite evocative

I'm guessing that the simple lay of this piece does indicate far more than you were planning for it to originally, with the spectrum at the back and this sharp wire snaking its way across the shot. I like the way that this gets into sharp focus and you've put this in, as I see symbolism of the speed of information transfer through places like the internet, for example.

As I've said in previous pieces of yours, you need to find a more uniform and indicative signature for yourself, so that you can be easily recognised, but not take up a large proportion of the detail that comes with the piece. This is one of your best pieces that I've seen so far and I want you to take what you've done here and improve upon it.

[Review Request Club]

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Flash-Gamers responds:

Thanks for the review!

The signature talk again...well I just can't help myself! I take a lot of pride in my sig name ETH3R...with a cool name like that, who can blame me?!!

Glad you interpretted this in a different ways then the other reviewers!


Rated 4 / 5 stars


Wow man, you made a 3rd one??!!

The drawing effects are simply awesome, the rainbow colors are great, now I understand why it's called ''Raintacular''!!
As I said above, the effects are really nice, and that line in the middle just gave a kind of special touch to the art, and i really liked that, it gave life to the art, w/ out it, it'd just look like a boring coloured art...

The sign is really cool, I don't know if you make it in purpose, but the ''ETH3R'' is a bit weird, but it isn't a horrible mistake...

I liked the art, but I still think that the other 2 are better than this, you made a nice job here!! Keep it up!!

(Review Request Club)

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Flash-Gamers responds:

Thanks for the review, and "good" comments!

Glad you understood the name of illustration and how it tied to illustration itself.
Tried to give all of my illustrations meaningful names!

Yeah the wavy line was used to give the illustration more energy, and a overall finish look.


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Could be larger

This was notbad and i really enjoyed the reds and purples but it seemed too small and the lettering was ok but seemed blurred at times, unless you did that on purpose well if anything can be improved on this it would be the "SIZE" of the whole art piece

Make the art piece much larger and add something more then just the text, well good luck on other art stuff


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Flash-Gamers responds:

Thanks for the review!

Oh, I smudge my sig on purpose like I've done before in my other pieces.

Will see what I can do; Note to self MORE DETAILS!

But it's hard to do that, cuz sometimes it'll turn pic into a VERY BUSY illustration which would look bad to some, and confuse ppl on the concept of the illustration.


Rated 4 / 5 stars


Doesn't look as interesting as your other signature pics, but it still looks good. Again the colours are pretty nice and I also like the effects you used here. It looks a bit like an equalizer on winamp (or a similar program), heh.

The swung line breaks the "equalizer look" up a bit, but that's a good thing as it adds a special note to the picture. Without that line the picture would look very bland.

{ Review Request Club }

Flash-Gamers responds:

Yes, and I totally agree; but as I said in the comment it was suppose to be someting else but...........I missed up big time and deleted the main illustration out of this picture and kept the background. So that's why I added the line thing in the middle to add something to the background

Thanks for the review!