Firing My Laza

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Firing My Laza

Author Comments

Just a little fan art I decided to do for a friend!


Not bad...

Starting off with the face, it has a decent amount of detail put into it, and the bold colours served to contrast well with the background and general abstract nature of the rest of the pic, However, i feel that the eyes didnt match well with the face, as while the face was sharp and clear, the eyes were all fuzzy and blurred up.

As for the laser, its pretty decent, with a great use of perspective to help along in making the pic more realistic. I also noticed the fact that the blue particle things didnt follow the helical shape that the white ones did, meaning that while the white particles spiralled around the laser, alternating from front to back, the blue particles seemed to be constantly at the front. Other then that, i liked the realism in the laser, with an interesting use of shading to give it more depth and to not make it look like a big blue line.

Overall, a decent piece of art, with a great background which helped the main image along and decent work on the main image itself.

=Review Request Club=

Flash-Gamers responds:

The eyes were blurred on purpose.

Thanks for the review, and yeah I re-edit the pic, just haven't got around to reposting the fixed picture....but will get around to doing it sooner or later.

Glad u like the realism of the laser!

Review Request Club

Going from left to right; the face.

Like some of the other reviewers, I knew I was gonna be seeing the shoopdawoop face after seeing the title. But you did just about manage to put a little spin on it. However, when you look at the pretty ethereal nature of the laser, having the face itself have all these sharp, unshaded lines is a little odd. Especially when not only the laser, but the eyes are blurred, so it's just the lips/teeth/tongue that has these sharp lines.

I'm not sure whether this is what everyone else is referring to, but I did notice that the particles don't seem to wrap around the laser itself. Follow the white particle stream, and you'll see it looks like it goes in front of the laser, and then behind it, like a spiral. The blue particles, on the other hand, ALWAYS look like they're in front, which is just generally a little off, because you should either have both streams spiralling or have both streams just going straight out...not a mix of the two.

All that being said, I liked the laser itself. The colours are good, there's a few subtle shadings in there to not make it just look like a big blue line, those and the particles together do make it look pretty realistic..or as much as a shoopdawoop laser can xD. I think in general it is pretty good, it's just the slight discrepancy with the blue particles and the few little problems with the face that brought this down a little. That besides, it's a nice bit of fan art.

-Review Request Club

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Flash-Gamers responds:

Thanks for the review!

Yeah I have a edited version with fixes, but just been to lazy to upload it...sorry


Although a pretty generic picture (I looked at the name and I knew what I was going to see before the picture even loaded) this is definitely well done and there isn't much I would fix in it.

The colours are the usual colours for the shoopdawhoop guy, so I can't say much about them. Background colour blended in well. There isn't really much shading in this picture, but it's the texture I'll complain about. The lips were far too simple, and I'll agree with RogerBK about the fact that I think those lips could use a little more than just a red line.

The concept, as I said, is terribly unoriginal, but at least you grabbed an unoriginal concept and made it look so good. Starting from the left, other than the lips, it looks great, especially the eyes, and I don't think they need a pupil since they look great as they are with the energy-like blue zig-zags sticking out of them. I liked the way that you introduced the laser from the mouth, instead of making it enter out of nowhere, you give it a gradient and fade it in.

Now I can dedicate a whole paragraph to that laser. Wow, it looks really well done, as the other reviewers said. Definitely the main attraction of the picture. The laser was a great colour and was very well drawn, while the particles around it just added to its awesomeness. Still, the particles all look as if they're in front of the laser, instead of swirling around it. Maybe when you intend the particles to be behind the laser, you can add small cyan shadows/outlines of the particles, if you get what I mean. Other than that small defect, the particles were fantastic.

As for the background, it was simple yet effective. Not the usual bland one-colour background, but not a background which will make you lose your focus from the laser and shoopdawhoop guy either, so great job there. Maybe you could try what MonoFlauta said and make the spiral/circle right behind the shoopdawhoop guy instead of in the middle, and if it doesn't look good, just keep it as it is. Anyway, long story short, background was great!

Yeah, overall it's awesome, since you made it so good and interesting to look at. Just work on the details at times (like on the lips), fix the particles problem to make them look more like they're swirling around the laser and maybe see if putting the spiral behind the guy instead of in the middle might work. Keep it up!
Get scouted dammit :(.

-Review Request Club-

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Flash-Gamers responds:

First off thanks for the review, and man I had to take a break before I was able to even finish reading the jk

Details, Details, Details....yeah I got to remember that one...(rubs his arm, so it'll rub off on him)

Anywas glad you really enjoyed the pic...guess I should have labeled it has fan art...oh well...notice your only one who has really gone into detail on the laser itself. Like I keep telling everyone else I will fix the particle's and have them looking rite, I'll just re-uploaded it and leave a message in the forums about the fix.

One more thing, what do ya'll mean have the particles behind him instead of the middle? PM me!

Wish I get scouted too!

Nice take

You know, there's not much I would have said you could have done with the "shoop da woop" laser shot, but you've certainly given us a good impression of how it's come together well.

There's a nice background, a good impression of the original art piece of the face (I love the rolled back white eyes) and the graphics of the laser shot itself are pretty well designed.

Streams of ionised particles are elementary physics, but something that I'd have never considered for a commission such as this, which is effectively what you've got with the waves surrounding the bolt itself.

I still think the signature is a little conspicuous, but this seems to be improving over time. Keep up the good work!

[Review Request Club]

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Flash-Gamers responds:

Thanks for the review!

Glad u didn't notice the particle mistake like I said below I'll fix it....when I finally get the time to probably this week since spring break is about to over.

Glad someone liked the eyes rolled back to shoop da whoop's head!

I think that is a small as I'm gonna go the sig, so I guess ya'll will have to get use to seeing besides, I don't really think it's that big. You just probably notice it instantly cuz it's white and sticks out.


I really like your art style Chandler, it's so nice, impressive and realistic, and you made another awesome work here!!

The effects are simply great, the little particles around the beam are awesome, they gave a lot of nice effects to the art... It gave some kind of reality to the art, that's very nice, that's why i like your work.

The colors are very nice, the light blue is awesome, the background too, i liked the lips color, it's a nice red, but i think you should make more details, I felt that something was missing.

Anyways, I liked your art, I think it's pretty original and well made... Congratulations, I wanna review more things from you!! Keep it up!!

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Flash-Gamers responds:

Hey thanks! Oh it's Chandler now lmao!

Thanks for the review

Glad u like my pic, I'll see what I can do about making more art......if I can stop playing my xbox 360 long enough to actually start on a new project.

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Mar 15, 2010 | 7:33 PM EDT
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