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Jade Runner


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May 5, 2011 | 2:56 PM EDT
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Author Comments

This newest character I have thought up and mostly for a roleplay a personal friend started, it is a sci-fi sort of space kind of roleplay is the best way I can describe it.
Jade Runner got her name mostly from her plane/space craft. Custom made and pretty much thrown together from scraps from other planes and was not much to talk about at first and rather ugly looking like it was simply patches of metal glued together. Jade however is one smart creature and soon that ugly bird turned into something sleek and one of the most formidable space crafts ever built. It is a very noticeable plane with three sets of wings splitting out form his sides, and two sets of tailfins curved in different directions and very close to one another to sort of help suck the air or space flowing through the wings even faster. The other noticeable thing are the green lights along the main wings that are bright and greenish in color. However, what she uses for is very little of the time for anything legal. Flying is not cheep and so to turn a profit, to keep herself and her plane going she does various odd jobs from transporting one person to another planet safely to drug smuggling, to shipping goods, be it legal or illegal goods. Be it as it may, she will do the job and does it well, and for her compensation of doing the job she prefers asses such as part for her craft, fuel, food, and other essential items and very rarely will take monetary compensation simply because it would give the authorities more opportunity to catch her every time she stopped to spend it. Jade came simply because of the green markings and mostly the very noticeable green lights on her aircraft when she has them on. Runner came from the fact she has been known to irritate other space craft fliers or even the militia in any sector of space she is in, in order to use a little spidery-hand like weapon on the front of her aircrafts nose. A little weapon she invented and though only the science is only known to her, it temporarily disables aircraft with electricity and then grabs onto that disabled aircraft and with her swift plane will drag it away. Later on the pilot of that disabled aircraft will be found stranded on a livable planet, while the disabled plane its self is found on another planet entirely stripped of valuable metals and of parts. Smugglers usually liked to avoid as much attention as possible where as the Runner likes to raise it before running off. Jade herself, is in fact a mixed breed. Part of some humanoid creature and part of a race that has humanistic features but are more closely related to a feathered dinosaur. Where as these feathered dinosaur people had a pair of stubbly feathered raptor wings, Jade has only a few rows of feathers coming from the outer leading edge of her forearm where, if her arm had adapted to be more wing-like, the rest of the wing would spout from but she only has a few reminding feathers, no bone or muscles of an actual wing. She still retains the feature of light but strong hollow bones as well the muscles in her legs are a little larger and stronger giving her the ability to jump higher then any human could hope to and more surefooted and swift. In turn however the rest of her body lacks a bit on strength. As well her nails and toenails are a cross between nails and claws, looking like the nail grew out a bit curved and trimmed to a point. Her body retained that obvious feathered tail, which helps her body to balance. Her body is covered mostly with skin but she does have hair and feathers that grow on it and in some spot where her body couldnâEUTMt decide what to do in development, choose a sort of cross between both, in a sort of furry plumage. For the most part she retains a very attractive female human form. The term for the species she is born into is called a Virithe.
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