Edgar Cobs

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Edgar Cobs

Author Comments

One of my favorite and newest original characters he is well quite frankly not your ordinary werewolf.

First off my world for werewolves, are they are their own species in order to be apart of that species you have to be giving that gene by a parent and born into the species. A human turned to the wolfy side is a Lycan. Edgar here is a full blooded golden blonde werewolf whom can change forms at will.

What makes Edgar a little more unique comes all right down to that scar on and around his right eye there. Around 1781 he challenged another man to an old fashioned duel in which you stand back to back to your opponent take ten paces turn around and each fire off a shot at one another with the black power early hand guns.

To say the least Edgars opponent died from a chest wound while Edgar was struck in the forehead, most of the bullet going into his brain and a piece braking of and slicing down through his cheek below his eye. The cross scars are from the bullet and some surgery to get what pieces they could out of the skin in his forehead. Edgar did not wake for weeks and did just about die then he pulled out of it rather quickly and nicely. Even though he was a little messed up in the head to begin with the wound left the man with an uncontrollable little twitch that mostly effects him in his head and neck area, and it also has left him with the condition narcolepsy. Yes that is right every now and then the man will suddenly drop dead asleep still twitching some. The old injury not only left him with a nasty scar and twitch but it as well pushed his sanity over the line to insanity that it was already treading close to. He has a hard time focusing on one thing, still dresses accordingly to the time period he was shot in, and as to describe is behavior he can be the nicest, while wildest party guy around. Then he could snap, turning into a sort of terrifying sort of child like evil man you would never want to cross. HeâEUTMs a great guy to have as a friend even though he uses the pity people feel for his disability against them, but heâEUTMs defiantly one character you donâEUTMt want to piss off, for he will, always, always win or get his way. Still you canâEUTMt help but love the guy, for some reason. <3

Made in Photoshop Elements 9, and completely free handed with the Wacom Intuos 4 drawing tablet. And a lot of thanks to Google sense I had to look up probably well over fifty male headshots to get certain things right or close to being anatomically right on his face like the nose and mouth. <3

Originally wanted to give him a crooked little smirk, but considering this was my first time at a close up humanistic headshot I decided to leave it simple. Anyway, defiantly would love some critiques on the anatomy, weather I did awesome or horribly messed up on something I defiantly would love to be made aware of what I can improve.

Edgar Cobs is Copyright © 2011 KAW
Artwork is Copyright to © 2011 KAW

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Jan 24, 2011 | 6:46 PM EST
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