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Dishearten Flame

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Feb 26, 2011 | 9:35 PM EST
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Author Comments

Turn away small flame
I do not want this feeling
You are not to blame
Continue singing

You cannot protect from death
I do not want to cry
Do not waist your breath
Please do not die

From the ash you can raise
Move something
You cannot save from the grave
Keep breathing

We will take him away
I do not want to let you
He cannot stay
I know so few

Turn your head
I am falling apart
Do not look at the dead
With a darken heart

Yeah, I am not great at poems but I thought this picture deserved one. XD

It is a piece I drew for and plan on entering in a contest on deviant art, where we are suppose to draw any subject using a color scheme not typically show for any emotion we want to portray in the piece.

Well I had to think about what to draw for several days then I came up with an idea.

My original character Fira the phoenix has a deep dark fear that she rarely reveals and yet has to live through constantly in her lifetime which is for eternity for a phoenix cannot die only be reborn. In my version of phoenixes that is the same however they can be permanently killed off in a few certain ways like if they were drowned or suffocated. The second greatest fear Fira has that most people know and think is her first is in fact drowning, she no afraid of the water part so she still drinks it, she is just a little uneasy around oceans and big lakes and cannot swim herself.

The first and greatest fear Fira has is being alone and seeing all those she cares about and are not phoenixes die while she lives on and eventually in her long life forget them. She had lived through this fear over and over again and knows she will live through it again and again.

This is a portrait of Fira herself losing yet another, and though you can either draw the conclusion that it is her child or just a dead bird never the less it shows how much she cares and cherishes each life that comes into contact with her. This is pretty much showing dishearten, not sadness for I believe that it is not quite to sadness. Dishearten is the feeling I believe is when one just are realizing something negatively has changed in their life and it is still to that point where it stings, then one experiences sadness before going to being dishearten to the point of where you think there is no hope in the world and no more point in crying anymore. Where one has not quite hit that depressing funk of sadness that last for so long, as well as after one has exhausted themselves out of sadness.

That burn or sting that comes from being deeply disheartened its what I was trying to represent in a non traditional warm colors. Things surrounding sadness are usually presented in a depressing cool or blackened tone. Whereas I believe emotions cannot be represented with one tone or one or two colors but array of different colors.

Now I am just posting it on this site for I am not sure if I want to leave it as it is done all in colored pencils, or if I should color over it in photoshop. Also I want to see what people think of it and if I hit the mark in what I was trying to achieve. Please, I would love and need every review I can get of this picture I worked so very hard on for the last few days. <3

Artwork is copyright to Ã'© KAW
Fira the phoenix is copyright to Ã'© KAW
Disheartened Poem is copyright to Ã'© KAW



Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


It would look better if it had a background to it, instead of plain white. Apart from that, another great piece of work!

FiraPhoenix responds:

I was actually considering that and actually experimented with photoshop and instead added a black background. It looked better but you could defiantly tell what was done on computer and what was colored pencil. I donâEUTMt know if I dare, I might have to play with that a little but I have until the twentieth to change it if I decide to for the contest, for I already entered it. XP


Rated 5 / 5 stars


That looks amazing! it would make an awesome tattoo! I love this picture!

FiraPhoenix responds:

Oh, thank you. >w<