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Demon Conjuring


Original pixels 3857 X 2952 Yeah, it was huge so I decided to size it down quite a bit now itâEUTMs at 60% of the original size.

Picture of my original witch character Rutilus and her demon, as I so named as I drew this picture, Draowe and right now Rutilus has to be really pissed off as somebody to conjure him up.

Draowe is her demon whom repays brutal crimes. Tortured and humiliated someone? He will pay you back with torture and humiliation worse then you could ever have done. Raped or assaulted anyone? He will come to pick on you and show you what it is like to be raped by a creature that could only be described as right out of hell. Murdered anyone lately? Well youâEUTMll soon be his next victim dying a death that is far worse then one could imagined by this demon who gives no mercy and in fact enjoys his work.

Think you could get away from this creature? You can try but it will be in vain. He can disappear into his environment within a moment with the intelligences of the most cunning creatures. He has lengthy limps and body to let him get around smoothly without a sound and give him terrifying speed that no one can escape as well as the ability to spring from the ground to astounding highs. He has a lovely set of claws on each paw as well, allowing him to scale things such as buildings, so hiding in high places will get you nowhere fast.

Think you could fight him off? Go ahead. He loves it. It gives him a sense of excitement when his victims fight and even though he looks like nothing but skin and bones heâEUTMs stronger then any living creature you could compare him too. He is simply a devious creature built to do you in.

Rutilus, even though she is what is considered a runt of a witch, she is very practiced and skilled at her magic to make up for it, one reason Draowe loves her and obeys her also because sheâEUTMs the one who unleashes him on people every now and then.

Anyways, took me forever to finish this work, the face on Rutilus alone took me four hours strait to get decent for I can not draw people. Then the rest of it was very tedious and detailed work and took me a few days but overall I love this piece. It is wicked in the way you can only credit to a witch yet slightly evil and scary which was my attempt. I also love the colors blue and black are hard to mix and make look good in my opinion but I think I pulled it off nicely. One other thing I am proud of in this picture is that the background looks decent and actually sort of cool, and backgrounds are one thing I do not practice at and do very often especially sense IâEUTMm still learning how to draw with photoshop. So yeah, I am psyched about this piece.

Comments on how I can improve my work and any tips on drawing in Photoshop Elements 9 are always loved.

Rutilus character is copyright to © KAW
Draowe Demon character is copyright to © KAW
Artwork is copyright to © KAW

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I may not know much about art, but I like it. The woman's face wasn't well drawn, but that gives her the kind of "ugly witch" thing. But what really got me was the demon's eyes, a killer. Not a predator, but a murderer kind of thing, as in "if you see this, its too late."

FiraPhoenix responds:

Yeah, IâEUTMm satisfied with the demon, IâEUTMm thinking about redoing the witches face though. IâEUTMm just trying to practice at human faces first then IâEUTMll go back and give it another shot considering IâEU~m not well practiced at drawing the human form. Thanks very much for the comment! <3

Not bad!

Not the best out of your art, but still, better than I could do. :-P lol.

FiraPhoenix responds:

I worked so hard on this and I kind of agree with you. It looks way better in the bigger version which you can download it from Deviantart when you look this piece up, but mostly though I was experimenting with photoshop brushes then anything.


overall great! lightening, shading drawing.. i see you are into pentagrams too:D well only thing that you can improve(relativity compared to the other) is the woman's face

FiraPhoenix responds:

Yeah, IâEUTMm not great at people. But to tell the truth her face looks better in the full close up version then it does sized down. Still though I need practice at people faces. XD


like the pic
what made you do this piece?

FiraPhoenix responds:

Thanks. Mostly I wanted to depict my witch character and get practice in at drawing people, but then I decided to add the demon then I decided that it just wouldnâEUTMt do without putting a background in there too. <3


Click from art and liked it man and nice job building an atmosphere the style really gives it a good feeling and draws you in, nice job

FiraPhoenix responds:

Thanks, thatâEUTMs absolutely what I was going for, actually in most of my works, is to get a certain feeling stirred in the viewers.

Credits & Info

4.10 / 5.00

Feb 12, 2011
5:24 PM EST
File Info
2268 x 1718 px
841.7 KB

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