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Watch the speedpaint- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XW8QjZ2V0GE

I have been playing a lot of Fallout3 recently and I heard rumors about Bethesda revealing Fallout 4 this year on E3...
so I thought about designing a cool and unique supermutant from the Fallout universe

This character is something like the frankensteins monster from fallout (yeah, you can call it something like that)
I tried to make a different supermutant character design so I made this abomination, I'm sure you ask yourself- "what the heck is this thing, isn't this too mutch, could somethin' like this be in the fallout games? where does it come from?" and so on...
and my response to such questions is: ... I don't know exactly... you see, I'm not the creator of fallout and I'm not very familiar with the lore so this character may be complete nonsense, but let me explain the origins of the Supermutant mechanics

When I met Uncle Leo (the supermutant philosopher in FO3) he said that supermutants are not born this way, they are made- by other supermutants...

so I thought what about the supermutants that do not mutate succesfully?
well I made this, the not so well mutated and crippled ones are surgically improved like this into a cyborg of some sort
and they are made out of the random stuff that you can find in the game: like lead pipes, scrap metal, railway spikes, pilot lights, tin cans, and so on...

"and what would be the doing in the game, what would be his fighting style?"
you ask... well this character would be repairing mechs and turrets or creating some new ones and if he spots you, you better kill him fast enough, so he wouldn't raise the alarm and attract the mechs to open fire at you...
you know the concept of a generaly weak character, that is just walking with a torch or with somehing to raise alarm, you can see such character kind in most games
but you could work on the design and fighting style of this character to somehow make it more unique than just a standart videogame cliché

So I hope you've read the description (and that you've understanded it as well :D )
And I look forward to seeing some advice on the design as well as some cool ideas on the character itself, what do you think, does the next fallout need something like this, or is it a completly different thing that could not be in a fallout game?

anyway, I hope you have a nice day ;)

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First advice, keep it short, try to say what you want to say in a few lines. Unless the artwork is brilliant people won't read that much.

Lore is important for character design, understanding of the story will help you create something interesting that fits.

I never played the Fallout games so I can't judge the character, but it seems like a standard mutant. I am sure you can come up with something else. Try making allot of sketches and pick the things you like from those to make your final illustration.

FilipStredansky responds:

look up Fallout 3 supermutants on google images , then you'll see what's a standart mutant... anyway, thank's for the review, but on the other hand when you've never played any of the games how can you write that it seems like a standart mutant ( I have to follow the artstyle of the mutants from FO3 at least a little bit, obviously)
I played FO3 and I know something about the lore, enough for me to draw this, but I know that there are some maniacs who know absolutely everything about the fallout universe (that's why I wrote that I'm not fully aware of the lore)

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May 24, 2015
6:31 AM EDT
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