''Regent of Ambition''


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Real name: "Shae vas Pragaras"
Age: One billion years (Approximately)
Blood type: Planeborn.
Main Alias: "Shae the Crimson" (or simply "Shae")
Other Aliases: "Regent of Ambition" "Dragonslayer" "Daughter of the Flame" "The Bronze Huntress" "The Feral Savant".
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral (Once again, depends on one's own perception of alignment.)
Abilities: Planeshifting. Planarcrafting. Elemental Wielding (mostly fire based). Shapeshifting. Superhuman swordmanship (albeit unrefined). Superhuman strength and resistence. Flying. Spellcasting. Theoretical Eternal Lifespan. Telepathy. Universal Simultaneous Languagecraft and thousand other abilities.
Sexuality: Anyone not fast enough to flee (Bisexual)
Likes: Battles. Riddles. Feasts. High quality alcohol. Treasure hunting. Leading sieges. People who can put up a fight.
Dislikes: Dreariness. Cowardice (she doesn't considers stealth or "alternative" ways of fighting "cowardice", though.) Sadists (probably because she's one, at least in certain matters...) Delegation. Procastination (even though she can be a bit on the "lazy" side sometimes). Liars.

Shae's usual weapons:

Shae is a natural warrior, able to wield almost any sort of weapon without much difficulty (aside from firearms, which are not of her liking). Her brawling skills are a sight to behold as well (mostly due to her raw brutality), but if need arises, she has two main "weapons":

"The Obsidian Omen": Two gigantic slabs of dark volcanic obsidian she calls "swords". Shortly after her "birth", Shae roughly crafted them from the rocks at the top of the tallest volcano from her original world (Pragaras) as a crude way to fight back at the legions of Dragons that ruled the realm. Eventually, as the blood of the Dragons she had slain bathed the blades, the swords became imbued with the countless souls they had taken, becoming the fearsome claymores of destruction she wields today.

"The Eye of Xar Draal": Although not a "conventional" weapon per se, the necklace Shae wears is perhaps one of the most dangerous artifacts known to mortals and Adonae alike. After having slain every Dragon in Pragaras, Shae fought for seven days against the "Father of Pragaras, Xar Draal", the first of his kin, and the leader of his now extint race, until he finally was brought down in a stroke of sheer luck when the mountain in which they were fighting crumbled, Draal being way too exhausted as to raise flight and finally plummeting to his demise. Before letting him die, however, Shae sealed his soul inside one of the many treasures he stored away in his lair as a way to cement her victory over the race who brought her misery since her birth.

Since then, Xar Draal and Shae usually speak to one another in a rather odd fashion, forging over the centuries a sort of "relationship" only they can understand. Mortal enemies, yet master and servant. Sworn to kill each other if they ever meet again, yet sharing knowledge and advice.

If Shae were to free Draal from his imprisonement for some unavoidable reason... it is not known if they'd both ride the winds as allies, or if they'd settle the old score from their past with fire and blood.

And perhaps that's one mistery that'd be best to remain unanswered.

As always, feel free to ask whatever question you have regarding Shae. I'll try my best to answer your doubts!

Fate out!


As a ability critique (self proclaimed wahahah!) her abilities are pretty much fair. It's op but with limits, I like those kinds of things! Yesh! 5 star for da win

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Very nice made!!
I asepcially love the Flame combination :3

Okay I have to say Shae could most likely defeat all of my OC's

Nice work as always

Finnaly, a worthy adversary to me

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