Go! Challenge - Abathur


"Bet you can't make Abathur from Starcraft (and HotS, no pun intended) sexy"

Moral of the story: Do not challenge me in vain.

Anyways, first "Go! Challenge!" lucky one, featuring Abathur from the aftermentioned games.

The idea of the challenge is that, at any point, at any moment, I suddenly post a surprise journal, and the first one quick enough to leave a request wins, regardless of whatever they picked (you can see then why I had to go with such an unusual selection xD Those are the risks of randomness).

The idea is to complete a fast rough sketch of the request on a single day... Or however far I can get in said day, by the looks of it...

Yeah, I should have sticked to the rough sketch, but I tend to not know when to call it quits...

Anyways, enjoy!

Fate out!!

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Evolution complete

You know it's not often when some arachnoid-like character looks this gorgeous and like many say, you never fail to impress everyone.

I focus more on the top half of the art and somewhat on all of her limbs. But her eyes give a very alluring and seductive look that makes the audience feel as if they are being put into a trance. She's like a succubus in a way in that regard.
That heart is ..just...wow...how is she doing that?!

And it's not often when you get see black/grey and green look so good together like this.

no words come to mind other than, "never disappointed!" that's pretty much all I can sum up at this hour of the night.

Now here's a challenge then: Make Abathur sexy without anthropomorphising her.
Cause let's face it, turning any character into a sexy women will make it sexy, but taking the character as they are, no matter what they are, and making them sexy with as little modification as possible. Now That's a challenge!

Fatelogic responds:

Unless you're into fucking blobs of insectoid alien flesh, what you're asking is literally impossible.

Here, let me translate what you just said: "Make a rock sexually attractive to us human beings, a species biologically geared to be attracted to our own species (like any other species on earth), without altering it's shape, composition or looks."

Saying "Taking the character as they are, no matter what they are, and making them sexy with as little modification as possible." is the same as saying "Take something on a repulsive state, don't modify it (or do so as little as possible) and make it attractive."

It's nonsense... Next you'll be asking me to "make water less moisten"... No can do. Doesn't compute. Error 404.

There's a reason why we hump humans, not rocks... And the few who do tend to end at the asylum.

I would "smash" that, but I have a feeling she would eat me after

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Dec 14, 2015
2:11 AM EST
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