Back in Black

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Back in Black

Author Comments

One of my OCs, Sheryl, on a little poledancing fun time :D Enjoy!


Ok what I like: The colors. I like the shading and the lighting. Very shiny. I enjoy the concept. And hey Boobies so that always a plus. I like the idea of the background.

What I don't like: Her bootilicious booty does not seem to fit the rest of her body. It just seems to float out there in all It's bootilicious glory. The stripper pole is askew while the rest of the pic does not support it being an angle shot. So it looks like her Hulk like booty is ripping the pole out of place.

The Background is a neat concept, but looks kinda cut and paste. The speakers have no depth to them. But hey who likes doing backgrounds? I sure don't

The big one: Anatomy. Yes in art there is a lot of leeway, but it does look awkward. The free floating booty. The weird posistion of the head. The side boob profile shot while looking at her back? The one that really sticks out though, the Right shoulder/arm position. It looks totally unnatural. She must be quite the trooper because she is smiling through a dislocated shoulder. Ouch.

All in all this piece shows you have talent and promise. I'm sure with practice you'll really start hitting them out of the park. As of right now though you still could use some polish. Goodluck.

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Fatelogic responds:

Thx for the feedback! :D

you are good man don t listen to these bastards sometimes are juste looking for trouble and write some shit because they have time to loose to make other people angry we can call that a no life

Fatelogic responds:

Thanks pal. I know, I just recently decided to stop answering agressive comments. If they wanna give polite, friendly constructive critique, then everyones wellcome. But otherwise, I wont give it a second though. Wont mull over what cant be changed.

Art, is art. Even if this is a kind of way you're trying to boost your ratings, I still like it! But, then again, it's nothing TOO special.

Fatelogic responds:

Thx pal. Yeah, I know, I´m no Rk Post nor Ciruello (hell I´d love to). I just do what I like and, fortunatelly, many people do like it too, the more or the less "zealous" or "haterish" theyr comments might be. And no, I dont do it to boost ratings, popularity or anything like that. I just feel it would be a shame not to share what I like to do with the people out there.


Sorry dude, the only reason so many dA users call it good is because the internet is full of idiots who will desperately rate up any drawing that has pussy in it. Fact of the matter is, this is an incredibly boring drawing. Is it the worst ever? Nah, but it has no character whatsoever. Put this girl in silhouette and I wouldn't be able to differentiate it from any other anime character ever and the generic silky smooth skin/colouring isn't helping. There aren't artist's fingerprints anywhere in this thing.

As for anatomy; her right arm is broken, her boobs are in profile whilst the rest of her body is aimed away from the camera, her ass and legs are ridiculously large (but hey, this drawing was obviously just made for that purpose, so who cares) and a woman who can tilt her head all the way like that has serious issues with her neck.

Finally, The background is lazy as shit, and it shows. There's no shame in not liking to draw backgrounds, I don't either, but refrain from copy+pasting and shape tools.

Fatelogic responds:

Eyyup, Internet is full of idiots. Thanks for being the living proof of such fact.

Seen your works... you don´t really have a point from where to stand to badmouth my works as you did, sorry.

For every stupidly harsh critique like yours, I recieve many REALLY helpful ones (some are of approval, others are constructive) so I couldng give less of a flying fart about your rambling. Looks like your tryied to point out the errors, i ll give you that, but your senile, insulting ranting (when, I repeat, your jobs themselves really don´t show all the concepts you mention AT ALL) just raped any slight chance of this being helpful in any ways.

Good riddance.

it looks really over shiny with too many filters applied to it, and as pointed out there's anatomy problems but main problem is the annoyingly high saturation and the filters to make everything shine. It looks clean though I'll give you that

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Fatelogic responds:

Now THIS is a "negative" feedback I can agree with. As said, yes, there are anatomy flaws, and I try to improve over them as much as I can (thing is I have to dedicate too much more time over Photoshop than pencil sketching, so my improvement over that is more slow).

But yeah, my style itself uses a lot of light effects and contrast filters that may not be for everyone´s tastes. I use every chance I get to test filters and light & shadow effects (kind of an experiment of sorts), and yeah, some might find it nice, while others might find it somewhat overdone.

So yeah, you´re right, I tend to use many light filters, but its not such of an error than it is more of my kind of style. I seriously doubt things will change dramatically over my pieces (you might find that most of my works follow the same line over that issue) because I personally like the outcome, but its all good and reasonable that many people find it overdone.

Thanks for the feedback!

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Credits & Info

4.44 / 5.00

May 9, 2012 | 2:57 AM EDT
File Info
1420 x 2000 px
2.3 mb

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