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The story of Max


There once was a boy named max, he was a boy who loved to talk, he would talk for on and on about every little thought that went into his innocent little head. He talked and he talked and he talked, till his parents could not handle his constant chatter any longer. so one day they left home, without saying goodbye.

but max didn't care, this only meant he had more time to talk. and so he continued talking, he would even talk in his sleep, talking himself through each weird dream he had.

but one day, max's reason for talking changed, instead of words, he would force strange noises out of his mouth, they started off as jumbles of letters forming words that only he understood the meaning of, words describing each feeling and each thought he ever had. but after 7 days of doing this max's brain changed, he no longer thought about things with language. and because of this he could think much faster than before.
The sounds coming out of his mouth also changed. they turned into vibrations that pulsated and grew in intensity the longer he could hold the sound. however these vibrations were constantly interrupted by the need to breathe.. which annoyed max considerably.

Max had an idea..

He went into his dad's old office (his dad was an unlicensed surgeon who used to work from home) and took a scalpel blade from the office draw. he took a tube attached to a machine that said "mechanical lung". with the scalpel, he cut a hole in his neck and in his wind pipe. he then put the tube inside.

breathing was now something max need not worry about.

and so, for 40 days vibrations came continuously out of his mouth, till, on the 40th day he went into a strange trance, in this trance everything he saw was based on the noises he made. after some practice, max became very good at it. with his sound he made people, trees, faces, trees attached to faces, faces with holes in their heads so you could see their brains, and many other interesting things. he even began working on a face within his own face, with another mouth.

max became lost in this strange reality, and after a year, he had created an entirely new universe, full of interesting things for him to forget and then find again.

he never left this universe.

Somewhere, in the middle of nowhere there is a boy lying unconscious in a house by himself with a tube in his throat attached to a mechanical lung and a universe growing inside his head.

that boy's name is max

and he had too much to say

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I really like the story, it flows quite nicely. Love the drawing, the amount of detail you put in never ceases to amaze me.

FaLk responds:


Honestly, I don't like the story you created but the composition itself is excellent. The amount of detail is simply amazing.

FaLk responds:

thankyou, yea i wrote the story a long time ago back when i was into more darker stuff- i know its not for everyone

Holy s*it this is amazing. Really loving the amount of detail in this, it must've taken forever. And a cool story to boot! I love the composition of it, how the eye gets drawn into the center of the mouth, its like being eaten :P

FaLk responds:

hehe, yes i do love doing detailed pictures

this is truly amazing, i love the detail that went into this! i could get lost in this much like max

FaLk responds:


Credits & Info

4.89 / 5.00

Aug 22, 2012
12:01 AM EDT
File Info
1183 x 836 px
569.1 KB

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