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Wood E.L.F


Another commissions done by amaet.


Second in the E.L.F series of commissions done by amaet. I think this piece does a great job of communicating a nature centered feel while still signaling that the subject possess a vast, learned, intelligence. As is obvious, Wood elves can be readily distinguished from their cousins by the horizontal angle of their ears, more “wild” styling of their hair and facial markings, and the “organic” nature of their cranial implant.

Lore Attack below

“Having split from their High Elf cousins long ago, The “Wood Elves” live a life others of their species consider primitive and rustic. Technologically speaking though, many younger races see such a claim as a laughable farce. Their bio-organic technology second to none, what would otherwise be accomplished by automated constructs is instead merely given over to any number plants, animals, fae, or druidic device. As one scholar cheekily wrote: Wood Elves are merely Elvish civilization on an extended camping trip.

Though they have relatively friendly relations with their High Elf cousins, they consider their Queen the only rightful heir to the throne since she never abdicated as her brother did, even though his position was restored when he came back and ended the civil war. Most outsiders find the exact philosophical minutia that separates the two groups confusing: High Elves having also put away many great technological achievements that they now consider “distracting from spiritual pursuits”. Wood Elves could be seen as a more extreme version of this philosophy, yet they still maintain access to the great akashic records should any particular problem become too inconvenient.

If it could be stated plainly: High Elves believe in the spiritual development of the soul, rising ever higher into eternity. While Wood Elves believe the soul’s initial primordial spiritual purity is the key to apotheosis, the species movement away from their fae origins having caused their downfall. To that end they make the trek back to beginning, back to nature, back to the Source. Or as one goblin put it: meditating to become stupider.

Compared to their cousins, Wood Elves are described as passionate and quick to act, even reckless. Though to people without experience in dealing with elves they can still come off as disturbingly cold, silent, and alien. When it comes to clashes in civilization: where High Elves are considered scheming interlopers, Wood Elves rage upon nations. Where High Elves will abduct people of interest or specimens for study, whole villages will disappear into the trees when Wood Elves are about. Where High Elves return learned “half-elf” individuals, Wood Elves “return them to nature”, unleashing barbarian tribes unto the land. Where High Elves will send in advisors and diplomats, Wood Elves will stampede out of the trees with beasts, treants, faes, and people turned savage. Crushing whatever they consider to be a threat to the natural order of things.

Like the High Elves, they see themselves as guardians and guides to the “sleeping” races. Gardeners, tasked with nurturing the great crop of un-enlightened souls to bloom. While passion drives them to “help”, they often seem paranoid in their quest to preserve “the garden” and have demonstrated time and time again that they are not averse to “trimming off the rot” as they clearly consider other species inferior to them. “

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Credits & Info

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Mar 18, 2019
7:49 AM EDT
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4164 x 6121 px
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