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Tesla, the Mad Gear


Like I told you ealroer, I'm looking to "expand" myself as a creator, and among the thinsg I wanna do, is starting to work as well on non-erotic projects, focused more on fantays & action, a little projetc called Lauren's Legacy is potentially one of those, and here's a character from it, a cute little Zebra called Tesla.

Tesla, the Mad Gear

Born as a Slave, Tesla grew among abuse and forced labor. Never knowing who her parents were, she had to work in mines, fields, deserts & dungeons under the yoke of cruel masters. 

Since she was an equine slave with no more value than a bag of carrots. Tesla was sold and traded among many owners through all her childhood, despite being abused & forced to work in dangerous environments, Tesla survived and managed to came through sane of mind. 

With a strong will, she always was curious and eager to learn all form of knowledge, she managed to steal & collect scraps of books & old piece of paper and through many years, managed to learn how to write & read on her own. 

She eventually was sold to an elvish scholar man known as Errhin the Irreverent, Errhin became the very first person to don’t abuse nor mistreat Tesla, Errhin was a scientific who never liked the concept of owning slaves, however, because of his dangerous experiments, nobody wanted to work for him, and so he had no other Choice but to buy a slave in order to have an assistant. 

Slowly but steady, a special bond began to grow between Tesla and her master Errhin who sooner than later, saw her more as an apprentice than a servant, he taught Tesla about complex mechanic techniques and particular methods of forging, soon, Tesla was able to create small & complex contraptions and under her teacher’s guardianship she grew to became a skilled inventor & mechanic. 

On Tesla’s 21th birthday, her master renounced of her servitude, granting her freedom from her life as a slave, Tesla now as a free Equine was finale able to live on her own, not working or serving anyone, sadly, Errhin also informed Tesla that they both would had to part ways. The death of the dreaded Dried King has resulted into a massive war between the Northern Realms of the Rising Sun and the southern Empire of Iron, Gildamhar, a war so massive that it was set to change the continent itself and mark a decisive point between this and a new era. Errhin knew that in a war this scale, the elves wouldn’t be able to maintain neutrality and sooner than later would have to pick a side. 

Had grown fond of Tesla, Errhin wanted to spare her from the war as small kind like her were bond to suffer the most, with a bag full of gold and armed with a new weapon that uses powder to launch powerful projectiles, Tesla escaped to the west with thousands of other people, trying to tun away from of one the era’s most massive conflicts. Years after, and with the war still booming, Tesla found herself working on a small free city on the far west as a craftsman, when one day all of the sudden, she heard the strange & alluring sound of a ringing bell…

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Credits & Info

4.45 / 5.00

Jun 16, 2019
9:44 PM EDT
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1900 x 1500 px
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