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Crixus, son of Dwarves


More form my non-erotic project

Crixus, son of Dwarves

Crixus is a peculiar kind of equine, unlike his brethren unicorns & pegasus, he’s said to be from a race closer to the primordial chaos. Not many other ilke Crixus had been seen and some say he might be the last one of his particular kind.

As a baby, he was abandoned in the red deserts of Borh-Udum, by who it is unknown, here he was found by a Group of dwarf merchants from Blue Iron Hills that rescued him and took him to the legendary dwarf city of Nar-Avaldur, craved within the mountains themselves.

The king of the Nar-Avaldur city, Gloin Iron-Chest who had no male sons decided to adopt Crixus and raise him as one of their own. He grew within the city walls among the dwarves who were miners, expert crafters, blacksmiths & fierce warriors.

Under the training of Gloin Iron-Chest, Crixus became a skilled fighter. Brave and loyal, yet very reckless and impulsive. Even though he always saw the dwarves as his loving family, Crixus knew he was different and that he didn’t belonged in this city. Curious about his origins, he decided to leave the safety of the Dwarf city in search of answer of who he was. As a parting gift, Gloin Iron-Chest gave him the Dwarf’s Pride, a blade forged with Red Dragon Iron, said to be the strongest metal in the World.

Crixus traveled several lands working mostly as a mercenary, he tried to learn more about his origins or if other equine sof his particular kind existed, but then, among his journeys, the war began. The dreaded Dried King died, his massive empire fell and as a result, a massive war between the Empire of Iron, Gildamhar, and the alliance of the Northem Realms of the Rising Sun began a fierce conflict to re-shape the whole continent and mark the point for a new era.

Crixus’ skills and fierce as a mercenary made him notorious, soon, he was hired by the Empire of Iron were found himself working as a bodyguard for an unicorn witch from the School of the silver dragons. Her name was Cassandra.

The school of the silver dragons was allied with the Empire of Iron, Gildamhar, and witches & sorcerers from it were sent to special missions related to magic & witchcraft by the empire to different corners of the continent.

During that travel, Crixus grow fond Cassandra, the two became very close and eventually genuine love grew on them, in secret, they married and eventually, Cassandra deserted from the Iron Empire (with the risk of being deemed a traitor) and ran away with Crixus looking to return with him to the city of Dwarves Nar-Avaldur which was neutral and hadn’t take part yet in the war.

Crixus no longer cared about his mysterious past, all he wanted now was to write his own story next to Cassandra, an unicorn equine he truly loved and cared for. However, in their journey, while traversing a land ravaged by war, they both heard the strange & alluring sound of a ringing bell…   

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3.75 / 5.00

Jul 5, 2019
1:12 AM EDT
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2011 x 1500 px
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