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This is the sigil for the fascist-style interstellar empire of Terrica, the villainous force of a dystopian space-opera detailing a long and brutal war. The setting is a far future Milky Way long settled by humans thanks to mysterious robotic probes - but humans on other planets are curiously adapted to their respective worlds, and had existed there peacefully for uncounted thousands of years.

Terricans are a species of human descendants that come from the world we today call Earth. They look incredibly different from people of today, being 10 feet tall with Olympian builds, iron-like bones and peral-white skin. More terrifyingly, they frenzy in battle, able to shrug off otherwise grievous injuries.

Not much is known about their past. Were they the genetically-engineered children of aristocrats that put their slave castes to death, or were they the result of super-soldier experiments that overthrew their masters? Nobody knows.

What is known is that they are ruthless, fearless, exceedingly arrogant racial supremacists that want to purge the galaxy of non-Terrican human life. They believe the galaxy once belonged to Earth humans, but that their society collapsed thanks to the degeneracy of the settlers. Thus, the galaxy must be genetically homogeneous and ruled with an iron fist. And they sure love swords!

For all their fascist ideological bluster, Terrican political authority is actually deventralized and corporatist, but still absolute. They also despise artificial intelligence, seeing it as a mockery of true Terrican spirit, so everything is handled with bureaucracy (or failing that, stolen inhuman brain-computers).

When the Terricans encounter a world fit for colonization but populated by native inhumans, they begin to -CLASSIFIED-. Within a single generation, the old inhuman population is replaced with an entirely new generation of fresh Terrican youth, whom are then taken to be given a decent Terrican education. That's just how superior the Terrican race is.

By the beginning of the story, Terricans haven't met any inhumans capable of putting up real resistance to their military might - yet.

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looks like great world building for a space based game

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4.45 / 5.00

Oct 23, 2017
1:59 PM EDT
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