Freedom Through Repression


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Americans truly do have by far the highest incarceration rate in the world. Some also seem to lack a sense of irony.

This is by far the most graphically-simple comic I've ever made. I think it works for this particular concept, but I can understand if you're disappointed. I'll go back to more complex-looking stuff later.


Not really needed.

What's the point? Yes, I see the meaning you are trying to tell us, but why bother? This kind of art is bad because it's not really needed to be so blatant. It is also rather dull and there's no mystery in it. Good art comes from good concept. Bad art comes from bad concept. This is a bad concept. People like mystery, not just blatant messages trying to teach them lessons in life or politics. The art of yours that I do like are the ones that are just pictures, and not the ones that are trying to teach moral lessons or politics. I suggest you move away from those, as they just seem rather annoying, as if you think you are better than us, the ones who supposedly don't know these things that you are trying to shove into our faces.

This is just friendly advice, so please don't take it the wrong way.

Esn responds:

Sure, thanks for the review. It's something to think about.

I've also gotten some very positive comments about this one (mostly off-Newgrounds), so I have to conclude that some people like this kind of thing and some don't.

(actually, the only negative comments I've gotten have been on Newgrounds)


Your jazz musician painting was pretty good but your comics are neither funny nor insightful. And no I'm not just butthurt about your stances; they're just plain dumb to share in comics on NewGrounds. You don't really have to stop making shitty comics, but I'd fully support it.

Esn responds:

Well, the situation isn't really funny. The purpose of this particular comic is to present a bitter pill in a palatable manner. Because of this need to maintain balance, the graphical side is extremely simple and cheery, taking the format of a silly cartoon romp to balance out the comparatively complex ideas being presented. I'm sorry that it didn't work for you. However, your assertion that it is not insightful is the one I regret more. If you don't think that the contradiction shown is particularly insightful, I guess you either don't believe that it is true (it is, though - even a bit of perfunctory research will confirm that for you), or you are more cynical than I am and believe that everyone knows this already but accepts it as proper. Or, despite your statement to the contrary, you're a partisan hack who plugs his ears at the first hint of anything contradicting his views. Or maybe you didn't care to follow the text and gave your rating based on the visuals alone.

(I had a different reply here earlier, but it wasn't a very good one)

My sentiment exactly...

Right Arm!

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