"The next station is still far."

From the SideTrip painting series.

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Well now this is some very interesting artwork. What's the style used? I feel like I've seen similar types of work but I don't recall what it is.

Also, what's the story here? The lone guy walking around in an area that seems overgrown and the metal looks aged and rusty in coloration. Is the world dead?

Side Trip, is this concept art for a series or a game? It reminds me a bit of some later PlayStation era games with the detail given to the background and the overhead view.

What's that red thing on the guy's head? At first I thought it was an icon but I see up close that was incorrect.

ErrorCell responds:

There might be tons of questions but I can only answer a couple.

SideTrip is a series of paintings I've been doing for the last 2 years. It's currently a monthly image series that explores a decaying world of the past. SideTrip is a long story told with no particular order with that, you might be seeing the end or the beginning of the journey. The characters Azure (the human) and Alex (the red thing on the head of the human / the god of hiding) are in search of something in this world. I can't say much more otherwise it'd be a spoiler.

Either way SideTrip is also a technical challenge. I don't use traditional means to paint any of these landscapes. The majority of SideTrip pictures use 3D techniques to construct scenes but then use 2D painting techniques right on top of it. Overall, the series is about pushing the limits of what I can accomplish as much as it's the story that I want to tell through a very lonely, abstracted world.

Hellz yeah another piece to the SideTrip series. You know i Don't know why but this should be made into a video game. I think something similar to No Man's Sky is perfect. The main story to this is simply a trip full of mystery, discovery, and exploration that makes you think what is going on and where will you go next. Picture it, how amazing it would be to have a game where you can travel throughout the entire planet in place of the main characters but instead of having all these animals and strange creatures and traveling throughout multiple galaxy/universes you just stick to one planet and find solve puzzles in order to reach the main characters goals. I know it sounds similar but the art style, the storyline, and the amount of stuff that can be put is just enough for something similar if not different from what No Mans Sky has to offer. ErrorCell you have to consider putting time to make a game like this I think it would bring a lot of interest in people's eyes.

ErrorCell responds:

I really want to make an interactive experience for SideTrip but I think it kinda goes beyond the realm I know of. However, I do have things planed for future episodes where something might happen. But I guess I'll keep that a secret!

Thanks always for your input. I noticed how you were going really out and about with it. Thank you so much for all the time you put into things and commenting / writing about it and so on! Really appreciate it all. ;)

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Aug 21, 2016
12:59 AM EDT
Fine Art
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