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Castle Specter


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May 8, 2015 | 4:00 PM EDT
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Author Comments

This is my drawing of the boss "Castle Specter" from a flash MMORPG called "The Pride of Taern".

Backstory that explains the picture a bit:
In a certain land, ruled by numerous kings and counts, there was a great order, called the Order of the Sea Serpent. This order held much power in the country, as it had many great warriors, and one of those warriors was Mitras. People said no one is as strong, as brave and honest as Mitras, the master swordsman. In desperate wars he was the one who would lead to victory, in bloody fights he would be the last one standing, in various battles he had proven himself loyal and trustworthy to his order.

But as the seasons died one after another (see what I did there? :3), as bloodshed was followed by another, Mitras began to question the justness of his actions and his mind began to wander. He wanted to explore the world is search for answers to the many questions he had, and so, to the surprise and regret of many, he left the order. As a token of his long service his friends and former companions in war gifted him with an armor made of the toughest steel, forged by the best blacksmiths, blessed by the Divines themselves. With tears in the eyes but with a smile on the face the hero left his beloved home and he marched on to face an uncertain future.

Many years passed and while he had made many incredible adventures, found immeasurable treasures, slain various monsters and discovered mysterious places, Mitras was just a human and time made his beard to turn grey, his power to dwindle, and striken by memories of the past, his longing caused him to make a final long trip back to his old home to rest and wait there until death would take him to a new journey.

However, at some point during his trip back home, he met a man in need of help. He had finally found the old cave holding great treasures he heard from local people, but it was guarded by many fierce beasts and he couldn't defeat him alone. The man saw Mitras' battle worn armor and found a veteran in the old man. He pleaded for his aid and Mitras couldn't refuse.

Together they effortlessly cut a path through all the horrible creatures dwelling inside the cave. Finally they arrived to the last room and the light of their torches illuminated an incredible mountain inside made of gold and emerald and silver and pearls and diamands and... Everywhere they looked their eyes drowned in riches, and dropping their weapons they sped to all that sparkling wealth.

But what they didn't notice in their haste was a shadow detaching itself from the wall, growing and drawing near to them. Mitras sensed something threatening and turned around rapidly, but it was too late. The shadow entered Mitras' body. For a moment, all he could do was to stare in horror as pain and insanity - and something much, much worse - started to seize control over his mind and body, but them he screamed and fell and gripped his head and teared away cloth and flesh but the evil was already inside, and he shuddered and trembled as blood gushed out of his eyes. The other man who saw the shadow entering his companion feared for his own life and dashed out of the room to never come back, while Mitras was desperately fighting for his soul, but he was losing and he knew he was, so with all his last strength he blindly crawled his way to his sword, and holding the blade in his two hands, he gave a furious cry as he stabbed it through this chest with a fiery thrust, shattering the armor and splitting his heart in half. The vile thing that was trying to take over his body shrieked with rage and as a terrible force was released, the cave collapsed and together with Mitras it was buried under stone.

Centuries passed, many bastions were built and demolished through the years, as many who could not understand but still feel something of the remaining power, believed that it would aid them.

Centuries passed, and the evil thought to be destroyed recovered slowly bu steadily, waiting for another chance, waiting for new adventurers, waiting in the darkness, waiting...