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AGE: 28
RACE: Black wolf/hyena
PERSONALITY: Stoic, quite, but concerned and caring on the same token.
Weapons: Combat Training, Some levels of Martial Arts, Heavily Modified BAR, M1911 sidearm, and Combat Knife, plus a few grenades (6).

Its 1941, December, and America Just found herself in a very ill-prepared state of war against a mighty foe. Zeman Bastogne is just a cog in that miserable state of things, finding himself in the Philippines, where American Air Superiority is non-existent, spare for Zeman and a few of his 68th Fighter Division guys.

Soon, a flotilla of Japanese warships are steaming, steamrolling actually, through the Philippines, crushing anything in their path. American military personnel of all kinds are in a fight for survival, making a panicked run to evade the oncoming Japanese.

As the last of the warships steam from the Philippines, they are caught with their pants down by a Japanese heavy cruiser and a bevy of smaller ships. Its not even a contest. With 4 fighters only, 2 of which barely run, Zeman orders what he knows is a suicide: to attack the flotilla and let the American convoy escape into the Pacific.

His mission is a success, of sorts, the convoy escapes, but little can be said for the 4 P51s that bore down on the Jap ships. Only Zeman remained, skimming the water, below the flak cannons of the enemy, raking their decks with devastating machine gun fire time and again, but slowly, his plane is eaten away. As he pulls from his last strafe, a loud pop is heard from the engine, smoke billows from the cowling, his oil pressure gauge plummets. Zeman banks for the nearest island, almost 12 miles away, and brings his plane into a climb. The engine is straining, no oil, high temps, and before long those high temps ignite the leaking oil and fuel. Zeman's cockpit glass is quickly surrounded by burning fuel and oil, obscuring his view. Long before he wants to, he cuts his climb and kills the engine, coasting towards the island. He knows he's going in to hot long before the coast becomes detailed and vibrant, he turns and tried to burn speed before his hits the shore. He fails.
With a violent jarring, Zeman hits the beach, his face slams into the cockpit dash, the stick smashing into his chest, breaking ribs and bruising tissue. Another impact with a rock sends his plane tumbling, and Zeman's head connects with the dash again with a loud THUNK, and for Zeman, all goes black.

Done fore the OCT, Junkyard City http://junkyardcity-oct.d eviantart.com/

This is NOT, I repeat NOT, how Zeman will be in the comic, this is the same character, just in a different setting, and solely for the Junkyard City Original Character Tournament.

I suggest you join, anyone is welcome it seems! :D



looks like avatar man

ElectronicFunk responds:

Hmmm? I see no resemblance between the two...

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Jul 18, 2010
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