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Women of Metal - Tarja Turunen


The second I was introduced to Nightwish at the age of too-young-to-remember, Tarja Turunen became my favorite vocalist of all time. By the time I was in the fifth grade, Wishmaster and Nemo and Dark Chest of Wonders and everything that woman so much as breathed on those albums was the equivalent of YES. Like, the power of the yes, yes. "Keke you're yessing too hard" yes. She was a fucking valkyrie, a siren, or whatever, literally THE BEST THING. Ask my parents -- well, more like parent -- and I was preeeeetty jacked on some Nightwish. Symphonic metal, or power metal, or whatever this was, was my shit, well, up until End of an Era, and then I was just kinda sad because my favorite thing broke.

Except it didn't. I s2g, her heavily accented wide-ass vibrato voice enriches my fucking soul.

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When I saw the thumb I thought this would be Wonder Woman. XD I guess she is! Sort of. Nemo was probably their first song I listened to, over and over, but for some reason I moved away from metal before that era really ended... she definitely was something else, a level above Evanescence and all the other I'm-suddenly-reminded-of forgotten great os f the times. Skin tone appears somewhat plastered and blotchy here, but form and color all good. Good stuff.


ADR3-N responds:

Yeah I only later realized my old PC monitor was really washed out -- everything looks super blotchy now that I have a decent screen hahaha. I really struggle with skin

Yeah, Nemo was one of the first songs I discovered. Now I have their entire discography up until something like 2012. I rarely listen to it, but that's mostly because I have somewhat heavier tastes lately LOL.

You should check out the End of an Era album, speaking of. It's bangin.

cool this reminds me of a episode of courage the cowardly dog when Muriel becomes a viking lady ! and this looks so realistic great work I suggest maybe try on tribal people from the past?

ADR3-N responds:

Hmm.. That does seem fun. Thanks for the review!

Nightwish is my fave band so seeing this brought a smile to my face. I knew the minute I saw your work who this was! Ocean Soul is my fav of hers. I was pretty jacked on Nightwish from age 17 till now haha.

ADR3-N responds:

Ah man, those were good days. I cried when I realized she had been fired from the band!

Nice! I LOVE Nightwish! Killer art dude(ette)! You are talented! :)

ADR3-N responds:

Thanks! Digital art isn't usually my forte but Tarja is my favorite thing ever sooo xD

TARJA FOREVER! i was lucky enough to attend a Nightwish concert in Canada before Tarja left. it was fucking awesome. i also went to another concert that has Tarja after she left. fun fact, i used to know someone who was a backup bassist for that show.

NONE of the current lead singers could be compared to Tarja.

ADR3-N responds:

I dunno how I missed replying to this, but yeah, I agree. Certainly, the lead singers they've had have all been talented, but Tarja will always be my favorite -- although Anette certainly had her moments. Tarja's voice is freaking mystical

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Nov 24, 2016
10:51 PM EST
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