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The Nicholas Chronicle


Author Comments

My Entry for Jazza's Challenge of the Month Dec 2015 - Epic Santa:

“Child, you have sought the aid of the above, to combat what has ascended from the below…

I shall grant you the power to defeat the demon known as Krampus – the devourer of the innocent…

You shall don a garb of red and wield the thinnest blade you can find - but know this my child that heavy is the burden of the task you undertake…

It is an all consuming task that you will be faced with for an indeterminate period of time…

The demon Krampus is not simply slain with the aid of the above…no…it is an incarnate beast…and like life itself, it shall be reborn anew…

Child you must know that this is however, not an exercise in futility - you shall bring hope to all, including yourself… for each defeat the beast will become weaker and weaker… and some day Child, you will slay the beast for good…

If you truly seek to begin the battle to end the cycle and save the innocent then take up your thinnest blade and don garbs of red and fight the beast with all of your might…

Nicholas accepted all that transpired and went to explain to the village populous what was required…

“What will we tell the children, wise Nicholas? They’re far too young to understand the sacrifice and the need for faith…”

“Tell, them that a jolly man in red garb, with a beard as white as snow, who lives far away is preparing gifts for all of them, but only good children who listen and behave by their elders shall receive their gift…

Tell them the man is not alone in this task and is aided by his friends the reindeer who are capable of flight and also seek preparation and deliverance of the gift”

“Celebrate, in the morn as the beast will be slain and the children will be safe!”

“But know that each year the threat will begin anew – so my good people, have faith, remain safe and hopeful for the generations to come.”

With that Nicholas went into the woods to the Glen of Woe, where the frost is harsh and the Krampus is said to dwell…

The ground beneath Nicholas shook as the thundering stride of the Krampus drew forth, the beast knew he had come seeking a fight…

The two waged a fierce battle with both sides landing severe blows and using might no man would ever know…

As the night drew on and the morn drew near the beast became enraged further and began to blaze with pure resolve…

Nicholas knew the time was nigh and called unto the Heavens…

The wisp of the cold air surrounded them both and suddenly from the surrounding, wood stampeding reindeer, not too dissimilar to the doe that charged Nicholas with this task, came charging through – an almost blinding ethereal glow emanating from their very bodies…

They targeted the hooves of the beast and began to sear him with their blue flames – Krampus fumbling to its knees; it began to screech at a deafening pitch as if trying to scare off the normally skittish reindeer…

The flanks of reindeer began to congregate into one pillar of light, forming an indomitable glowing stag, dwarfing the Krampus…

With a lowering of its head, it ran Krampus through with its mighty horns and blazing blue light…

The morn broke and the sunlight filtered through the trees in the grove, all that was left in the spot where Krampus was torn asunder was no more than a small pine tree…

A voice rang through, the same voice from above, child – Nicholas – no… Saint Nicholas, you have fulfilled your duty the demon Krampus shall devour no innocent this day, but know that the tree before you shall serve as time for his return, remember the days leading up shall always be full of trials and tribulations for all, but this day your people should cherish and be merry!

“Thank you, I shall away to prepare my people and I for next year and shall find happiness in the gift of hope we have”


Great thought behind the composition. Love the fantasy medieval touch. Would have liked a more even tone. But nice imagination.

Wicked is this photo manipulation?

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Eddyewww91 responds:

Thanks for commenting and rating and in answer to your question, the background was an amalgamation of three scenic landscapes that I heavily painted and blended to give the piece the space it needed so a bit of photo manipulation but some heavy painting there and Krampus may have some bad clipping areas - not because of photo manipulation my friend, but because I had so many layers active that photoshop crashed on me twice :-( - I ended up making Krampus in a separate psd and bringing him in to the piece I was working in. The rest is digital painting using references...those deer were meant to be clearer but I only painted half of them, duplicated the layer and flipped them with some blending to make it as seamless as possible...ugh looking back it was a rough peice to make but I hope that you and others like it.

As I said in response to MACGYVR below I had several versions of the piece and I can't begin to tell you how frustrated I became with the crashes and perspective issues (I think that just made the rage for Krampus come out more!! ;-P haha!)

Loved your piece with strong Santa and I loved the detail of the Cintiq in the sack he was effortlessly and epicly (I hope that's a word? If not Webster's get on that!) carrying! :-)

Best of luck to you and to all!!

isnt santa supposed to be the highlight? great peice btw

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Eddyewww91 responds:

I had such difficulty with the perspective of my piece man you wouldn't believe, I have about three to four versions of this with my depiction of Santa in various positions and sizes, but they all made the piece feel completely wrong and just...distorted.

I'll admit Jazza's perspective video guide helped quite a bit.

I thought that the one with St. Nick just being dwarfed by the massive Krampus but holding his ground to be the most effective.

Thank you for the nice words I appreciate it - I wasn't too sure how others would feel about the piece.

On a much lighter (or should that be heavier ;-P note - pardon the pun) - I really liked your 'Kung Fu Santa' may he kick ass!! - best of luck man :-)

this is incredible!!!

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Eddyewww91 responds:

Thank you! I loved your Santa epic explosion piece, I thought it was indeed epic and interesting to have a Santa reversal from 'giver to taker' - what caused such a turnaround? (pardon the pun). Keep up the amazing work man! All the best from Eddy

This is amazing, i hope you win!

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Eddyewww91 responds:

Thanks a million man, I loved your piece, that perspective view and the grinches (is that the correct plural, I have no clue!? :-S). All the best man - I hope you win!

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Credits & Info

3.00 / 5.00

Dec 12, 2015
11:46 PM EST
File Info
3000 x 2741 px
1.4 MB

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