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Hunt The Fish


Water colour paint, ink pencils and colour pencils. 9x6 inch.

From my usual big Drakes, to this little guy. He is about a third of the size of the average cat and will live in any body of water with fish in it.

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Wow, I like the facial expressions here. Both the hunter and the prey look pretty good and the emotions of both of them are clearly visible to the viewer.

I also like the "underwater feeling" you create here. The background is darker and I think even a bit blurry which creates the effect as if I just put my head below the surface and see this scene in front of my eyes.

The overall quality of the image seems to be a bit low, but I guess it's because you had to scan in this picture, right?

Anyway, this a very great picture!

{ Review Request Club }

EchoRun responds:

Scanning anything to a computer usualy downgraids it unfortunetly - all I can do is muck arround with it on photoshop untill I get it looking like the orriginal. This wasn't too bad, a bit blotchy and grainy but i didn't loose much like i have with others.

Thanks for the review. :)

The Hunt

-Such a delightful scene of life. For one to continue living it must take the life of another organism. Nice touch giving the little fishy some expression as it makes the struggle to survive seem at such dire straights.

-Making the larger water creature with such well disguising colors was definitely apparent since the blue-purple fins would blend in very well with the water and his spine could be some plant-life. Making me think that this was a suprise attack on the unsuspecting fishy.

-Wonderful texturing in the rocks and green plants up in the forefront of the art piece which really brings the picture to life. Much less so in the back which creates the effect of distance quite well. A bit too hazy and murky but it could just be how you wanted the habitat to look.

-Overall it's very good. I like the tools you implemented in drawing this at it makes it seem so much more real and lifelike. Dark and interesting but vague enough to make you wonder about the possibilities that the outcome of this situation could be.

-Review Request Club

EchoRun responds:

The idea I was running with for this was some kind of slow moving river, like what you might find salmon in; Clear enough to see, but not too far. Hense not worrying too much about the background. :~)

Yes I cheat lol. Thanks for the review. :)

There's always a bigger fish

An interesting dynamic of using the fins to disguise the waves of the form for the bigger fish beast... thing. I think that this is one of these pieces that is much better when you zoom out of it, as with the traditional art pieces, you're supposed to be able to take it all in as one scene.

With the way that the prey is so small, something is lost in this case of the picture, since it has been reduced so much in size and the "expression" on the face is all but lost, which is a shame.

I like how you've done the plant life - perhaps a little more work on currents causing them to be a little more irregular, but other than that, the effect is good. With the rocks, there might be something else lurking away there, perhaps a larger, distant set of eyes, perhaps contemplating a breakfast snack.

[Review Request Club]

EchoRun responds:

I like the notion of something else lurking - but all I get running through my head is some sort of woldlife parrody/comedy. Oh well, maybe I will paint that someday.

Thanks for the review. :)

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Apr 9, 2010
6:06 PM EDT
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900 x 604 px
728.7 KB

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