Ink Dragon


Done first by hand useing pen on white paper, then scanned into computer for some minor tweeks and tidying up. The boarder was done seperately.

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Oh my gosh... my brother draws stuff like this, and I know this must have taken hours to perfect. Well done, that is one cool Irish-knot dragon.

EchoRun responds:

Thank you. :)

I find this to be a completely interesting piece and the background only seems to make this even better. Could make an awesome wall scroll to put up on a wall I think.

The border looks nice and seems to have been done later after the dragon as to try causing as little interference as possible since I don't see much in the way of the dragon and border possibly blending which is wonderful to see here.

The dragon itself seems rather intricate and the tails and face have a lot of detailed lines added to give them more life. The wings have some which gives a feeling of the wings being flexible and sturdy and not flimsy.

Overall, incredibly awesome piece of work!

Review Request Club

EchoRun responds:

Thank you! :)

A wall scroll eh? Awesome!! :D

Thank you for the review!

This is a very nicely done piece of artwork. I know it must have taken a while, and I don't really have many criticisms for you! Good work!

The intricate design was honestly the best, and my favorite part of the piece. The dragon is done very well, especially in the midsection and head areas. The scales have a very good feel of indestructible power to them due to the way that you have drawn them, which is very good as well.

The only real complaint that I can think to make about the piece was that you could have brightened the colors up a tad bit in the background to help further define the shape of the dragon in the foreground, and possibly added colors to the dragon himself. While there is nothing to draw the eye away from the dragon, it would be nice to see him colored up.

I also love the Samurai Jack feeling that this picture gives off. I don't know if it is just me alone that can sense this, but it has a very similar design to the characters and creatures off of that show. I would say you have done very well with this piece, and I hope to see more from you in the future. Happy Drawing!

-Review Request Club-

EchoRun responds:

I did consider colouring the dragon but at the time nothing came to mind that wouldn't make him look cheesy, over-worked or garish. I also tried boosting the colours in the background but again it just became too much for the peice and it started to look cluttered. However thinking about it now and with more art experence under my belt, I do have an idea of what I could do with colouring more art like this one, so future ones may be more colourful. :)

Thanks for the review. :)

Wow, this one looks cool. I like how there are only two colours used: The white of the paper and the black ink of the pen (I guess the blue colour shades are a side effect of scanning. It doesn't look too bad either way ^^). This creates a very nice effect: The lines seem to move in front of my eyes, so it seems as if the dragon is moving as well. Very nice.

I also like the details here. The dragon looks very nice and I like the "adornments" around his head.

What I don't like too much is the border of the picture. It looks too kitchy in my eyes. Also, the one wing of the dragon appears in front of the border, which is a bit confusing. Is the border there to frame the picture or is the dragon sitting in front of the border? But then, it wouldn't be a border anymore...

{ Review Request Club }

EchoRun responds:

The slight colour in the background with one of the tweeks I made to it after I scanned it - the pure white of the paper was very stark and harsh with just black lines on it, so gave it a subtle effect to ease it.

The boarder and the dragon were done seperately, dragon first then combined on the computer. The dragon does overlap the boarder at points, mostly to add intrest and tie the two together, more of an artistic statement. I usualy prefer boarders that are not seperate fraims, if that makes any sense, as I don't like the notion of the rest of the art being contained and restrained by the boarder/fraime. If I do any more like this, the boarders will be different, probably different in each peice. :)

Thank you for the review.

I must say I know close to nothing about the different kinds of dragons, and the anatomy of them. I guess that's because of the lack of games that have dragons in them in my childhood.

Even though I know very little about dragons, I can imagine this being a great drawing. The scales look amazing, and the pointyness of basically everything about the dragon really fits. I also think that the difference in line thickness is great.

The fact that this piece of art has no colour makes it even more special. Because you made the dragon without colour, you made a picture that is different from most dragons.

The best thing about this picture is its style. You're really good if you can make shadows by just making some parts more detailed, which you did.

Basically the only thing I would've liked differently would be a more special boarder. It feels a bit simple compared to the detailed dragon. The fact that you made a border is good though, and if you would've made just the dragon would probably make me feel like there is something missing in this picture.

Review request club

EchoRun responds:

Yes, before the boarder it did feel that something was missing. TBH I was concerned that the boarder might be TOO complicated, instead of too simple; had it been too complicated it would have drawn the eye away from the dragon.

Thank you for the review. :)

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Mar 23, 2012
10:24 AM EDT
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