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Demon Scorcery


Digital, photoshop and wacom. One of my earlier attempts at human-ish character deign... only with horns, wings and dragon legs and tail. Not perfect but I just couldn't put this one down...

A Demon prince practising his magic on captive souls. All in all he is have a great time!

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This is soooooo awesome!!!

Really nice detail

And here was something that really reminds me of my fave game Diablo series but anyways the deep red the pose of the demon and or dragon and his messing with the elements it really makes this come alive on it's very own whatever he is doing with the magic you should really make that part glow much more would be a great effect

More glow and shine on his magic element



it is good, but there is some error, check out the length of the fingers on its right hand, the left leg make me confuse, sori but for me there is unequal about the parts...


As I said on your other piece, a better colour scheme would have been nice. Blue and red doesn't go that well.

I love the detail on the demon and the pedestal. You've perfectly captured the essence of the magic.

However, the demon's face looks a bit like an old woman's, which takes away from the power of the drawing.

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EchoRun responds:

I have never seen much trouble with blue and red, so long one is only in small amounts. So 90/10 red/blue wouldn't be so bad, but 70/30 would start to look naff. Also, with some of the blue starting to lean towards green I was trying to get a bit of a contrast going - an easy way to make things stand out so long as you don't go too OTT. I think I could have done better with that but at the time my colour tecs weren't what they are now.

An old woman's face? LOL. Never looked at it like that! If I squint I suppose I can see what you mean, I just find that funny. (I tease my creations from time to time).

Thanks for the review.

Great look

Firstly, let's start with the background - the floor and the walls are so detailed, with the glow of the mantle below showing through. Possibly some minor glowing effects could have been used here to accentuate this effect, but otherwise, it looks great.

The intricate detail of the pedestal is fantastic. I can certainly see passing this to an ironmonger and seeing what he can make of that for a centrepiece sculpture - certainly the focal point for conversations.

Finally, the demonic being itself looks great - I love the shading that you've used on the torso, as it looks really realistic, with the muscle layout. Perhaps it could have used a little more shading on the shoulder muscles, but other than that, it's great.

I'd have had the thighs slightly larger, as he's probably carrying some weight around on them, plus the only other real issue I have is the position of the wings - don't be afraid to have them slightly closer to symmetrical, but with the left hand wing, as we look at it fanning off the edge of the frame.

[Review Request Club]

EchoRun responds:

I suppose my reasoning behind the way he is holding his wings is in his character - he is a proud, pompous, vain, egotistical prick who loves to strut his stuff, even if his audience is only captured little souls he is manipulating. He is showing off, basically. Perhaps some more subtleties in any future illustrations of this character would illustrate that better - like a full length, fancy gold framed mirror (yeah, very subtle!), only the kind of reflections it would make would be a pain to draw.

Thanks for the review. :)

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Jun 19, 2009
10:00 AM EDT
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