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Copper Dragon


A painting done for my best friend as a joint birthday and Christmas present. Acrylic on canvas board, 30 x 40 cm.

I had a lot of trouble uploading this thing onto computer as I have used a lot of metallic paint in this. A beautiful effect with how it changes in the light but it doesn't translate well to computer, both scanner and camera suck at it. I took about 30 photos of this and only 2 of them were half way decent and even then I had to do a LOT of mucking about on photoshop to get it looking more like the original. This one isn't too bad, though it still cant hold a candle to the painting itself, so much detail is lost.

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I like

Nice moon/water effect. Interesting pose for dragon. The placing of the forepaws is very human, indeed, possibly, with the alignment of the back paws, both towards us, too human. Kinda like a woman riding side-saddle.
Strange placing of wings, so far back on the body. Can't see how it would 'evolve' nor fly, but its different, at least.
I love dragons, so keep making dragons!

EchoRun responds:

Most of my dragons have the wings joined just behind and above the fore limbs - this is the same. This copy makes them look further back then they are.

As for the human looking side saddle pose, I have seen animals do this too. It is fairly common so I thought I would give it a go.

Thanks for the review. :)

Always dragons with you... :P

This is a really awesome masterpiece, and doesn't deserve less than a 10. I really don't know how you get the patience to paint something like this. I'd give up after the first drop of paint xP.

The colour scheme is dark and gave a nice theme to the picture. The colour of the sea sometimes is a little too bright, but other than that, this had a pristine colour scheme. I really liked the colour of the rocks, and the dragon's colour was very well done. The shading is flawless. As Celx-Requin said, the moonlight shining onto the sea was painted really well, and I loved the shading on the dragon's scales. The texture was very detailed too. My favourite part of this picture was the sea, which looked so real with those ripples and waves. The texture on the dragon was awesome too.

The concept isn't too original, but that hardly makes a difference when this looks so cool. The way the dragon was placed on those rocks made it look very majestic. I just don't understand those legs, they seem out of proportion as Celx said. Other than that, I don't have any problems with this piece. The background was also very well done, and the night sky looked great. Maybe you could add some faint shadow of a ship or something, but that's just nitpicking - it looks great as it is now.

This is such an awesome picture. You painted it to perfection, and I really wish I could see the original. I'm sure your friend will appreciate this, it's amazing. Keep up the good work!
Fav'd as an artist

-Review Request Club-

EchoRun responds:

Thank you for the Review and the faves! :)

Solid with a few minor flaws...


I think you did an excellent job on the background,
my only issue is the dragons legs seem a little out of proportion,
as well as awkwardly placed.

Everything else is really well done, I particularly like how you caught the
moonlight on the water.

Great job!
- Celx
~Review Request Club~

EchoRun responds:

I suppose the legs could have been a tad beefier, and its left back leg could have been placed differently.

Thanks for the review. :)


Too bad I can't see the original of this picture with my own eyes as I think this is an amazing drawing.

I especially like the water here. It looks very realistic, just as if I would get wet hands if I touched the picture.
I also like how the moonlight reflects on the surface, again this looks very realistic and it creates a great atmosphere for this picture.

The background on the right hand side seems to be a little bit too dark, especially when we see the contrast to the left side, which is painted in very bright colours.

It's also a pity that the outlines of the dragon seem to be a bit blurry, but I guess that's because it was scanned.

{ Review Request Club }

EchoRun responds:

Well, photographed with a camera not up to the job... but same effect in the end. *shrugs*

The contrast between the lighter left side and the darker right is not as obvious on the original - the camera didn't pick up the fine detail on the right at all and exaggerated the shimmer on the water too much. Photoshop can only do so much I am afraid. :(

Also, I was hoping with how the colourful dragon dominated the right side, it would help balance out the left side too.

Thanks for the review. :)


Like Coop83 said, This needs a frame! This art was amazing and I am sure you put many hours into it too! The colors and the shading was very good and all of the imagination!I liked all of the textures on the rock and the ocean and the pillar that he is lying on!

The moonlight gleaming on the water was very artistic and realistic and all of the paints that you used plus the mettalic paints too made the picture very advanced and professional and when you sent it as a gift, I bet the person you gave it to must have been suprised to have such amazing artwork.

Also what Coop83 said, you should tone down the color a bit and when you stare into the dragon's head, you can imagine a lot of things. It was very pro how you did that. I LOVED all of the detailing on this and right when I saw this I was thinking: Oh my god! This is amazing! I should print this out and give this an awesome review! Although, I didn't print this out unless I got permission from you of course.

I wish I could do artr like this but I am getting close to getting scouted. I have improved from practice a lot. It's lucky that I deleted my old MS Paint art because i wouldn't have gotten scouted for sure! But how did yu upload this to the art portal if it was painted on a canvas? I have noticed that you have two good styles of art which includes : Acrylic paint which you are really talented on and Computer art which is as awesome too.

Overall I think you should put this on a frame for sure and keep practicing even though you are good at it! You might even get better which i don't know how to top this and keep up the good work also!

Texture 10/10
Detailing 10/10
Style 10/10
Concept 10/10
Design 10/10
Originality 10/10
I hope you enjoyed this feedback but sorry that I didn't have much critisism. This art is just too good! 10/10 5/5 Faved

<Review Request Club>

EchoRun responds:

Well, what can I say - I like colour!

Thank you for the review. :)

Credits & Info

4.63 / 5.00

Dec 8, 2009
8:08 AM EST
File Info
1032 x 1310 px
948.7 KB

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