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More Darkest Dungeon

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the Plague Doctor story is pretty fucked up.

they needed people to sacrifice, who better than anyone? they dressed random people up in these fucking crow mask, and told them to "heal the sick" pretty much brainwashing them, these people did not heal the sick, instead died to the same fucking disease they was supposed to protect others from..

of course this is a summed up version of the story, I'd usually give you a history script but like seriously, I don't think anyone likes some smart ass (such as myself) talk down to them about something no one really cares about.

"What better laboratory than the blood-soaked battlefield?"

The shoulders are too spiky and the beak too curved for my liking, kind of giving the character a beak and a nose. I know it’s stylised but still. I do like the looseness of the robe around the midriff and how it falls over the belt though.

You managed to make a plague-doctor on a pile of skulls adorable... amazing.

Nice job on the piece! The line work is dynamic and provides an interesting piece to look at! I think you need more consistency with form on the skulls on the bottom as some of them look beyond cartoonish human. I believe part of your intent was to give the skulls expressions as a reaction to the plague doctor sitting on them, and I think you should exaggerate that with line work reflecting expressions on each and every skull or possibly giving them some sort of eyes (which I think the eye idea detracts from the main focus, but it's something to play with). The colors are well chosen and executed, however there is some lighting that is either missing or done incorrectly. For example, the potions bottle is glowing from the inside so there should be little to none black shadow on the bottle and a more intense glow coming from the inside of it (I hope that made sense). The last thing is the background. Fantastic job on making the background and foreground go together decently, however, I think making the forms sharper closer to the viewer and adding more lines to define the environment closer to the plague doctor helps create a smoother transition.
Overall an enjoyable and fun piece! I'm not complaining.
You have some good work otherwise as well and I hope to see you to continually get better!
I know this was a lot, so if you have any questions or want me to go over more things, I can help you out with that! Keep drawing! You have good tone in your drawings!

I am I biased since it's a plague doctor? - Yes
Edit: Btw, Welcome to Newgrounds!

DynamicAfro responds:

The image have a couple of years already, i just wanted to share it here, but thank you so much for the feedback is always nice read constructive opinions. :D!

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4.62 / 5.00

Aug 26, 2019
9:00 PM EDT
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2021 x 2202 px
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