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Commission - Sunset


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Commission for a friend. I loved his idea!



Love doesn't have to look like someone smeared a frikkin rainbow on the background. Love is an unexplainable mystery that can only be understood when you feel it in your heart, your mind, and the rest of your internal organs.

I wish I could say that these are manly tears that I'm crying right now. But they're not. It's just so beautiful. Friendship is magic. So, what is love? Heh heh.
Why is her horn glowing? Wait, ......oh.

Guy below me, Let me tell you something, you have bad art and you still hate on draneas?! How about you go fuck yourself. You don't belong here. And if you come back, you'll be sorry. So, go to hell, you fucking bitch! And draneas, about the art that you made... I love it! I'm totes putting it on my favorites. And draneas, you are my second favorite artist.

draneas responds:

Welp, he seems to have lost interest. Just don't respond to him or at least not directly. Not worth it. He twists and turns everything you say around. Also thanks for ranking so high on your favorites ^^

Geez, where do I begin with this one. For something that must've sounded like an all right idea on paper, you sure missed the execution. For starters, the color scheme is too monochrome for what's going on in the foreground; something like love is meant to have more colors than just stark orange. The tail is too bunched up, the detail ratio of foreground to background is all over the place (Detailed clouds but matte horizon? Come on), and the shadow casting doesn't match up with the poses at all. It doesn't even look like it! It seems that for every step forward you take with your art, you take 3 steps back, and the fact that you still insist on drawing OC characters (One of the lowest forms of "art"), doesn't help.

draneas responds:

Commission still means, someone pays me to draw their idea/vision of a picture. He paid me, I did it, he loved it. And he wanted to include HIS 'O'riginal 'C'haracter Tech, the red one on the left.

masterpiece nothing can make it better.

on a side note tits or gtfo jkjk

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3.23 / 5.00

Jul 5, 2013
2:29 PM EDT
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1312 x 1050 px
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