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Isaac's Sword


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May 9, 2011 | 5:03 PM EDT
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Author Comments

A sword I doodles in class one day. I went into paint, redoodled it, and converted it into a JPEG. I made this sword with the intention for it to be used by the main character Of the series I'm writing currently. "Isaac Hughes" (that name is also my online alias) is the main character and the series will be called: Chronicles of the Immortals.



Rated 4 / 5 stars


It's good for concept art, but I suggest you move onto a different program for drawing on the computer, Paint isn't really the best for drawing stuff. I was gonna suggest adding something to the end of the hilt but then I saw that you're gonna add a skull, which would probably suit it nicely. Will it go with the colour scheme and be red/black or will it just be a plain ol' white skull?
I'm planning a series too! Dunno what it'll be called, probably "Rovion" or something silly like that.

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DragonOverlord2012 responds:

I'll probably get Photoshop or something, but for now all I have is paint, and the skull will likely be a dark red. Good luck with your series!


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

My my...

Well the artwork is not terribel I'll say. You need a lot of improvement that is for sure, but I know that you can do it ^^
If you take the time to complain about it, it's not really ``productive`` if I can use your word. If you are not happy and don't like Dragon's work, go look elsewere please. The time you are passing on newgrounds to insult him can be use...well...TO MAKE SOMETHING AND PROVE US THAT YOU ARE BETTER (Not yelling, just marking it)

Peace Dragon.

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DragonOverlord2012 responds:

Thank you for your honest review. I will welcome constructive criticism, however please do not use your review to criticize some one else for their immature review.


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You're not a dragon.

You're an idiot who can't even do any good artwork. I could draw this in MS Paint in an hour. I wouldn't, though, because that would waste the hour. I'd rather watch paint dry, it would be more productive.

DragonOverlord2012 responds:

I don't know what part of that to correct first... oh hell I'll do it in the order you did. 1) Saying I'm not a dragon as the subject...why? That has nothing to do with the picture, and you don't even say anything else about it. 2) I'm not an idiot, and saying that only make you a pathetic cyber bully...grow up a little will you. By the way it's a prototype. I plan on adding a skull to the end of the hilt among other things. 3) read the description: it WAS made in paint, and I did do it in an hour. I have a lot of time on my hands and it was something I was meaning to do. 4) Insulting my work by saying "I would rather watch paint dry, it would be more productive" No it would not be more productive. Actual painting would be, just cannot find the words to explain how stupid that comment was.
To finalize my point: you are pathetic. I feel no anger towards you, but you need to grow up. Take a look at my reviews: sure I hardly go below 10, but I often only review something when I feel it truly deserves it. Even so I say why I liked it in detail, and when I don't like something I give a fair score and say what I think and give some advice saying what I think was good and what needs improvment. My reviews say "I'm a fair person". Your review of my picture says "I enjoy making others feel bad about themselves. It makes me feel good to tell some one how much I think they suck by insulting them every way I can." Your an "internet troll", and nothing more.


Rated 4 / 5 stars

Looks okay.

The shape of the sword looks good, although there is no background and I feel like there should be something more added to the sword. But it's still good. :)

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DragonOverlord2012 responds:

I was looking to make something unique as well as something I could hang on my bedroom wall. Yes I'm accually going to have the thing forged.


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Cool, dude.

It looks gook. Hold on, wasnt that sword covered in the blood of your fellow dragons?!

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DragonOverlord2012 responds:

No it was not covered in my brethren's blood. It was covered in the blood of the human army that tried to attack at the dragon sanctuary along with me and my brethren. 1,000,000+ humans vs 10,000 dragons+me. The outcome was: -7 humans and 10,000 dragons+me (let that be a lesson to the rest of you). The sword is the physical manifestation of Isaac's demonic power, which he discovered when he protected a settlement of humans from a horde of demons (ironic isn't it?) and enjoyed himself in doing so.