The Titan Gods


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The final product!
I'm VERY pleased with how this picture came out, it took lots of trial and error, character re-designing and lots of spare time. (Most of which I was drunk) But I'm very happy with it.

Note: The information below is sorted in height order, so the tallest character in the picture down to the little guy at the bottom. ^^

ARTHOS - The strongest

The result of billions of warriors fused into a single being, Arthos has the untapped might of his warrior race in the palm of his hand, granting him seemingly unlimited strength, supreme intellect, sharp battle instincts and seemingly impenetrable skin.
As well as being surprisingly agile for his size, Arthos also has the ability to change his height to battle much larger opponents, though this can hinder his speed and agility. His size, strength, speed and undying determination makes him virtually unstoppable, able to decimate anything unfortunate to stand in his way.

"Through my strength, comes death and destruction to all evil that thrives off the weak."

GREIBER - The wisest

Once a feral creature, now a mastermind, Greiber was granted his knowledge through an accident, on which he discovered a mysterious artifact that burned his mind as he touched it, killing him instantly. When he was resurrected by the titan god Mi-Oui, his mind was able to cope with the infinite knowledge that he now possessed.
Although he may not be a strong or as powerful as the other Titans, his supreme sixth sense, that coupled with his vast knowledge of hand to hand combat, spell-casting and telepathy, Greiber can be a formidable foe in a fight, if he doesn't outsmart you first.

"The mind is my shield and also my sword."

RUSHIKA - The leader

Once a queen to a peaceful race of ice beings, Rushika was a proud and noble leader, always willing to do the right thing, no matter what. Upon searching the scorched remains of a dead planet, she found a peculiar staff named an "Opulentia" capable of bringing anything she imagines to life, weapons, castles, creatures, her only limit being her imagination.
Through her staff, Rushika has the power of telekinesis, enhanced speed and strength, advanced conjuration and spell-casting. This coupled with her already impressive fighting skills makes her a force to be reckoned with.

"I do not wish death or destruction upon my enemies, so as long as they share the same compassion."

MI-OUI - The heartless

Raised into a religious home, she was neglected since her family found out she didn't believe in their cherished gods. She was beaten, tortured and had her tongue cut out followed by her jaw being wired shut.
Devoting every minute of her time to teaching herself how to craft spells, she soon became the most powerful mage in her world, granting her super speed, the power of flight, mind control and the power to wield any magical spell she could find without trouble.
But Mi-Ouis' anger can make her cruel, unrelenting and very unpredictable at times, once you cross her, she will stop at nothing to bestow the most cruel and horrific deaths upon her enemies.


AZUKA - The swift

Azuka was granted his powers through defeating the most feared and infamous ninja in his world, through his enemies death, being possessed by his spirit, they both struggled for control but upon winning the fight, Azuka was granted the powers of his enemy.
His body now lighter than a feather, his speed seemingly unmatched, there was nobody on his world that could hope to beat him in a fight, as his speed, fighting experience and his regenerative abilities made him untouchable in combat. As he was ascended to a titan god status, his powers grew immensely, giving him the ability to run a three times the speed of light.


*Phew* That took longer to write than I expected. ^^

Hope you like it, I'm curious to know which character is your favorite.

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LOL I just realized that it's a big axe on Arthos' back.
Anyway I love Azuka cause he is a badass looking little badass.
Nice job.

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