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red baron


jakbaronking requested this the dude payed me 30 dollars for it so here it is ...
thanks for the money dude!

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Love the color theme

I love the color use on all this, respecially using some color in the name in the backround, so in this cse the "TITTLE" fits very well on this piece, and while its red colored based, theme was pretty awsome you didnt over do it either, now i can see where this could be slightly better even i thought, such as with his big sword you should have it dripping with blood onto the ground that would have been a nice extra use of the red color aswell, but anyways great piece here and again the tittle fits so perfectly with this one, keep up the great work.

I suggested some red blood dripping but other then that this was pretty good stuff.

dommi-fresh responds:

man you sure love that blood don'tcha thanks all the same

oh crap

i nearly jizzed my pants..

dommi-fresh responds:

me too but under different circumstances

When I first heard this title...

...I was hoping it was going to be a reference to Snoopy in the "Peanuts" comic strip. Of course, I don't think I ever even heard of the real Red Baron before that comic. This is certainly a great piece of art to celebrate that other Red Baron more known here. That reminds me of how that happens to be one of my favorite games. The main color is red here but there are a lot of good shading effects. It seems like it was drawn on brown paper, but that could be the color.

He is surrounded on all sides by the light coming off him. That gives the image a really good CGI effect to give it depth. There's a lot of detail on him and it makes you realize how there are so many things on this guy. The spikes are really good and it looks like he has leather straps or something on his forearms. The battle stance is great too.

dommi-fresh responds:

glad you like it buddy


Dommi i've been looking at your drawings for a long time. They are always kick ass. I've seen your knights, your Nazi killer, your batman, and all your other drawings. your probably my favorite drawer an NG. Keep it great!!

dommi-fresh responds:

awwwww thanks mate


This is some really magnificent work- that guy really got his money's worth!

He stands out so effectively, and looks so totally BRUTAL it's hard not to just study it for minutes in awe at hardcore he looks. The shading and inkwork gives him weight, the red is powerful, and brown fits, and the sword reminds me of Heavy Metal (this is a good).

The scratches and imperfections in the armor are used sparingly, but just enough to imply density; I like to point that out because I have a bad habit of not knowing when to stop with "battle damage", and it was used well in this. The pose is menacingly cool! The name in the background also knits in an effective way to memorize the name, and it doesn't try to stand out all campy-like...I wouldn't be surprised at all to see this as a pro comic-book cover.

The brown papery texture REALLY works well with it all, too. As a learning artist, I'd love to just pick your brain about this- What was the hardest thing to do about this artwork? How exactly did you manage to pull off that texture in the background and over the cape, and what's YOUR personal favorite detail?

Great job! Fav'd and fived!

dommi-fresh responds:

wow quite a review let me start by saying thank you its a poetic and and well put review. i am glad you like it.
firstly the back ground is just actually white cartridge paper but because of the paint and the way i edit my pictures i scanned it... it turns out brown and wavy but it is intentional.
and as for my favourite detail... i am not sure i usually pick out the bits i hate. but i have to say i am pleased with the outcome of his hands.

Credits & Info

4.85 / 5.00

Mar 14, 2010
10:06 PM EDT

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