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WH40K sketches


Some sketches

2 salamanders helmets ideas for my minis

A nightlords marine fanart coming soon!iu_475608_5839712.pngiu_475609_5839712.pngiu_475611_5839712.pngiu_475610_5839712.pngiu_475612_5839712.pngiu_475613_5839712.png

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this is nice,so many good details.

dogmuth-behedog responds:

Thanks. :D!!!


dogmuth-behedog responds:

Sanity is for the weak!!

I like the hawk one. I don't know what Noghtlords is, but this art made it look super interesting, so I'll go check it out.

Edit: just found out it's a book called Warhammer
I've heard of that book before, but never read it. But, as I said, the art makes it look cool.

dogmuth-behedog responds:

The nightlords is a traitor chapter of space marines in the universe of warhammer 40k
And the hawk one is a helmet of the loyalist space marines in this design with fire patterns are for the SalamanderĀ“s chapter.
If you want to see loyalist nightlords check the miniatures from Warhammer 30k or the Horus Heresy line. :D

Nightlords are so underrated!

Are you going to paint lightning on them??? :O

dogmuth-behedog responds:

Night lords are cool, i like the old dreadnought with their scheme and they dont like mutations so is good because i hate the actual hellbrutes i prefer a clean and rude chaos boyz.
and yes i will put the lightnings thats a classic!

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Nov 18, 2021
3:32 PM EST
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3000 x 2448 px
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