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Drawing of my character, "The Psycho Jester".

Done in flash and a bit in the Gimp. Image had to be re-sized due to the actual image being over 3000x3000..

Please click the image to view in full size, as the condensed one has bad quality!


kool, now i viewed all your art.

Psychojester53 responds:

i sometimes masturbate upside-down when watching coco the clowns fun house, it makes me feel very intelligent i played forza motorsport for 3 days!!

Simply amazing, i know me and you don't get along but, i've always known you for being such a talented demented artist, but besides that, this is just creative and astounding as hell. the amount of detail and creativity that has been put into this is amazing, and you said you did this in flash?. holy fuck i didn't know something this big or something even LIKE THIS could be made in flash, i especially love the skeleton aspect aswell. puts on a very awesome touch to it. Great job djtrickym :D

Psychojester53 responds:

Well thank you. I wouldn't say we don't get along, I mean, maybe in the past but hey I don't really care anymore. Thanks for the kind words on the drawing. And yeah it was done in flash, the purple background was made in the gimp and then imported into flash but everything else was pure flash. It took a lot of persistance to draw it that large, it started to lag quite a lot towards the end of the creation. It's a bad habbit of mine, drawing things big, I tend to go way outside of the canvas because I want to be able to zoom in and add a lot of detail. Once again, thanks for the review, I appreciate all of them I get.

Absolutely beautiful. I'm not even exaggerating, the style is simply amazing. I know I saw previews and such before hand but I was still awestruck seeing the finished version. Very few people pour so much detail into a picture of this kind, I love the way you chose to use the very cartoony simple outline style and then added complex shading and flashy effects, I have seen very few people who can pull this off without it looking uneven and unbalanced. I really like all of the different ideas and concepts you managed to pack into one piece of art.

It has the funny and strange side yet it's very creepy and unsettling in appearance. The armour patterns and the faces on the jester hat bells are my favourite aspects. I can actually picture this being a Halloween costume, It would be nice if you could do some sort of cosplay of this. You should dress up as your character then post a picture of it on the forum lmao.

I could just imagine this as a divine entity that enters peoples minds to warp and twist there mental state. A creature of evil that torments, mocks and mentally destroys people with nightmarish visions that drive the victim to insanity and thrives in amusement off of the results. It prolongs the agony and despair of it's victim until finally they crack and then it comes to claim there soul, there mind being enveloped by his they become trapped within the diabolic inner workings of The Psycho Jesters morbid mind to suffer along side his countless previous victims whilst he feasts off of there pain. I can just see it now, appearing in your dreams, those hollow hypnotic eyes that flash with the faces of it's past victims, the eyes on his shoulders blinking as if alive, the bells that are alive with there own taunting personalities, the slow whir of gears from within his armour.

Well done buddy. 5/5 10/10 favourited etc. Keep up the great work.
P.s. I would have reviewed ages ago, but couldn't. Sorry for the delay.

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Psychojester53 responds:

Wow, thank you for such kind words my fellow bullshitter, I can't believe I managed to draw something that managed to impress everyone on the forum so well, I think it must mean I'm improving or you're all on cocaine lmao. I love that little story you came up with, it actually fits the character very well in terms of what he was created for, he was basically like you say a divine being that is around to fuck with people, similarly to a character from the Elder Scroll series called "Sheogorath" who was a demon of madness essentially, the bells on his hat represent the 4 distinct reactions he will have with his actions, as he is completely unpredictable and will sometimes help a person or in other ways completely screw with them depending on how he feels at the time.
And thank you for complimenting my art style, it's based off of Catoblepas and a famous illustrator named Paul Kidby, who essentially create colourful cartoon images that contrastingly have a ton of detail and shading done to them, it's a style I personally enjoy a lot and hence why I've built my own style around it.

But once again, thanks for the review, I appreciate it so much, as well as your voting and favouriting, it helps me out. And don't worry, I think I know pretty much why your review was delayed.

Fucking magnificent.
Serious,y this is beautiful. I love how many fine details there are within this, you can really tell that you had a lot of fun with it. I love the shine on the armor, the wings, the hat, the faces on the ring he has, the background, and fucking everything.

Keep up the great work, seriously. You're getting better and better, and it looks like that tablet is really helping you not only improve the quality of these finished pieces, but also making the process in general a bit more efficient.

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Psychojester53 responds:

D'aww cheers bud, I did indeed have a lot of fun with this (mostly, with the exception of a flash crash at one point, which was very rage inducing).

I'm going to try to keep improving now I have this tablet, I looked back at my old work and it's fucking shite. And yeah it does make everything a lot easier.

I once fisted a penguin

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Oct 19, 2012
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