The Monster of Black Lake


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My Interpretation of an Alaskan Native story, The origin of the mosquito.

As the story goes, There was a village on the edge of a lake. The Lake had a great abundance of fish, so the village was able to flourish off of it. But, every year on the night of the summer solstice a great giant would rise out of the lake; as tall as the sky and as wide as a mountain, he ate a child of the village, drinking their blood and eating their flesh, and then returned to the lake for another year.
The Village did not know what to do, they could not fight this monster- it was much too strong and would eat more people if they rebelled. But, they also could not leave the lake, as it was the only source of food for miles.
One year, a young boy had an idea to beat the giant. The council agreed it was the only way to end the torment..
They dug a hole at the edge of the lake. They spent the whole year, and dug a hole as wide as the mountains and as deep as the sky is tall. They covered the hole with trees and brush to make it look like the ground all around us. The boy sat atop of the hole, pretending to be dead to lure the giant toward him.
The giant rose out of the lake, saw the boy, and headed toward him. According to plan, the giant fell into the hole. Not according to plan, the boy fell with him. The villagers gathered around to burn the giant, but the boy screamed to them "no! I am still down here, The giant is unconscious from the fall. throw me all your weapons, I will cut him up and kill him that way."
The villagers complied, and the boy started to cut into the beast. He searched all over for his heart, finally, he found the heart in the heel of the monster's left foot. None of his weapons could break the heart, so He climbed out of the pit and they burned the monster. As the monster burned, turning into ashes, he yelled to the village "With my dying breath, I curse this village. My body may be gone, but I will continue to drink your blood and eat your flesh for all eternity." As his burning ashes climbed slowly into the air, they turned into mosquitoes. The monster continues to drink our blood and eat our flesh, to this day.
And as for the heart, the villagers could not destroy it; it continued beating as long as the mosquitoes drank our blood. The villagers threw the heart into the lake to leave it from their minds, and it became a new monster that lives deep in the dark waters of black lake.

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