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A tribute one of my favorite heroines in the history of anime. Holo the Wise Wolf, the titular fertility goddess of the light novel and animated series "Spice and Wolf" now available from Funimation. Holo is know for her love of apples, dislike of clothing, and for being able to assure bountiful harvests. One year, at the end of the harvest season, she decides to go on a journey back to her homeland in the frozen north and enlists the help of Lawrence Craft, a traveling merchant to guide and accompany her. So begins their journey.


Very Beautiful

Spice and Wolf is probably one of my favorite animes.
And I must say, you did a really good job at depicting Holo. :D

I noticed a few things that bugged me though,
and if you don't mind,
I'd like to critique your work as a fellow artist.

First I'll start with Holo.
Her female form is stunning.
The yellow glow from the lantern,
as well as the white glow from the moon is impeccable.
Her hair and tail are well drawn.
The brush strokes are a nice touch here.
Her eyes are mischievous, yet alluring.
The only thing I see that may need review would be her jaw.
Something seems to be disproportionate or angled oddly.
I can't tell exactly what it is though.
Maybe her mouth needs to me more to one side,
or maybe it's just the dwarfed apple core in her mouth,
(I know they did the same thing in the show with the apple.)
but something seems a bit off to me.

The surrounding objects,
The lantern, the apples...
The highlights and shadows are almost flawless.
Good color.
Proportions are correct.
I love how the apples are just random enough on their layout.
You remembered her tiny bag of grain.
Good thinking.
The issues here remains in the mug and barrel.
The mug is amazingly drawn. No flaws...
until I zoom in.
I can't tell exactly what is on the bottom side of the mug.
A dark strip and a slight highlight.
Is that supposed to be trace amounts of wine?
If so, why isn't it spilling out?
Or is it just a mistake that the highlight is visible,
and it's supposed to be empty?
The barrel is well made.
The wooden sides are great.
And the highlight from the lantern is awesome!
I can even see Holo's tail reflected in the metal!
You just forgot a few shadows.
Judging from the shadow on Holo's leg,
there should also be one going across the bottom of the barrel.
Holo's other leg should be casting one there.
the far left side of the barrel has a highlight.
According to Holo's foot, the mug, and Holo's tail,
nothing in the direction is producing light.
The moon should not have that strong of a wrap around lighting either.
I'd suggest adding a good shadow there instead.

The background is flawless.
Completely dark ground except for the highlights from the moon through the grass.
I really like how you made Holo's hair look like it's actually IN the grass.
Not just on top of it.
The background gets fuzzy,
good idea to keep the attention on Holo,
and highlights only come from the moon.
The horizon has just a little bit of light,
and stars on that perfect colored sky...

All in all.
You have some real talent here.
Keep up the good work.
I'll be looking for more work by you. :)

Also, do you mind if I ask what medium you used?

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DeliciousOrange responds:

Wow, that's quite a thorough analysis. Nice observations.

The dark spot you see in the mug is actually a quick attempt at some liquid, presumably some spiced apple cider (at least I would imagine), though in the end the mug and the liquid turned out almost too dark to tell.

This piece was done from start to finish in Adobe Photoshop CS3 with an Intuos 3 tablet.

very good

there are some oddities, like her hair, but it is very good.

i used to read spice and wolf before the site i frequent suspended it for some reason or another so do you know anywhere i can find the manga again.
the site was onemanga.com

DeliciousOrange responds:

Onemanga suspended it because it was licensed in the USA by Yen press.
You can buy both the light novel and the manga from:
If you enjoy the series, definitely pick up the published version. The creators and publishers depend on fans to keep making and bringing these titles to America.

One word, and it's pretty much just a horny noise:

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DeliciousOrange responds:

That was a lot more than one word, but thanks.


That's hot

DeliciousOrange responds:

Thank you.

omg i want apples and and her

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May 6, 2010
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