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I Did this pic to submit to the Sonic Fan Website but was denied be cause they were all wearing clothes :(


That's awesome! I can't believe it was denied!!! :OOO x


negatives:generic weird anime adventurin' clothes,gray lightning stuff all over,they all look like there from diffrent pics which gives them the effect that they were pasted together,tails lock of hair thing

positives:very well colored and shaded
anatomy actually fits(kind of)the style you drew the characters not the outfits
just how crisp it isi couldnt have drawn it as crisp it would have taken me 5 tries to get it that crisp

p.s. i know i seem like a mega douch but i really mean well
p.s. dont hurt me im 12 im dying and i bruise easy

deebznutz responds:

Take this! 12 year old dying kid (punch in the face!!!)
I agree with the clothes issue i was in high school (10 years ago) when i drew this so i was really into the whole baggy clothes thing and i had major design issues back then.
As for the hair thing with tails i just wanted to give tails a different look for his super form (stupid Flickies)

like it

i really like it! i like the fact that they just look cool!:] i really like sonic, i love him in super form, i love all 3 facial expressions!!!:] but the clothes, i would have liked them in there original outfit, hahah....just shoes and gloves!;]

i agree with shadow602

but i dont understand why they didnt except the picture when the characthers have clothes it's more like most fighting manga and games (tekken, DBZ, Dead or Alive)

anyway great work and those website mods can go burn in hell!!


Bad things: Knuckels's tail is too long, Tails kinda looks like a girl in the face, and Knuckles has no abbs.

Good things: Epic, No flickies on Tails, CLOTHES!!!, coil in Knux's dreads, Knux's dreads are up (makes him look cooler), and Sonic has thin spines that are up curved back AND forward. All together 10/10 Epic dude.

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Nov 29, 2009
5:27 PM EST
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