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This picture comes with a sad true story. I am addicted to FO. I have sent letter after letter to Interplay and Bethesda begging them for permission to create a FO comic with no reply. When I herd fallout NV was being developed I thought "this is my chance". I found out the email of one of the leads on the project and wrote an essay to him, I explained why it would be such a great idea to have a comic come out at the same time as the game, how the comic would fuel the game and add an extra dimension to the game universe, how well it would translate, and why it would be so important to do it and blah blah blah (i put a lot of though in to it and really made a convincing argument ), I even said "i don't even have to publish with a big company, maybe you could give it away as a small booklet in the game box, or maybe in the special addition set, i would like that better, cuz then you know the fans would get it". A short time later I received an email from Bethesda stating "we don't thinks its a good idea, its not the direction we want to take the project, we don't think something like this would even work", I felt upset but in a way i was happy cuz at least they finally wrote me back and i could just lay it to rest for a while...Being still obsessed I still followed Bethesda and fallout news closely, and you can imagine my anger when a short time later they announced "NEW VEGES special edition will come with a FALLOUT comic book " . This was enough to send me into a rage, but then I read a small blerb that said of the people spear heading the comic was THE SAME MOTHER FUCKER I WROTE TO, the same fucker who said "blah blah blah this is not a good idea". THE END... I still have not bought New Vegas, Geof made some art for the comic (which is amazing BTW, I love his work on hard boiled) but other than that the rest of the comic is well... lets just say i will never read it again. Some one said "you should sue them", for what? They don't have anything i want. I didn't loose any thing, but they did... they lost a UBER mega fan. P.S. I still have the email, i don't delete messages, and I still want to make a FO comic. Thanks INTERPLAY for creating one bad ass world! But as for Bethesda all I have to say is WTF!!! And Thank you for reading this tale of woe.

M.B. DeathInk

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Its been how many years and I just come across this? fuck them, I say do it man! They need it now more then ever!

You should definitely follow your dream and do what you want regardless. Fuck Bethesda New Vegas was a buggy ass game, good but very bugged. You should draw the comic and release it regardless.

deathink responds:

Yeah, maybe some day I will!

Well THAT's a sad story... In my opinion you should do whatever is that you feel like, Even if money won't come in that direction. So to upload the series to newgrounds is not that bad of an idea. As NG has been your home, Fallout has been a series of a great game. If I was you, I'd weight home//awesome game

-About the image: I liked that it has some kind of remindish side of the first games, But find the barrels somewhat repetitive..

deathink responds:

Maybe someday I will...Or maybe I will upload one of my own stories.

Love it,why dont you make a comic anyway and post it on Newsgrounds?Page by page if need be,im sure many of us fallout fans would read it....please?{sad puppy dog eyes}

A heart breaking story my friend.
I too am a super big fan of Fallout. To hear this, it makes me a little disappointed with Bethesda. Well, more disappointed after the "Scrolls" event with Notch.

Oh and if you make the comic, I can promise you that I would read it. Oh, and post links on facebook and suggest it to all the other FO fans I know. Keep doing what you do man.

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