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The Origin of Sin


Done in ink and paint for an Art trade with SmokeryDots...

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Absolutely amazing...
Can't wait to hold it and frame it! :D

And frontpaged!
(Now each of our drawings have been frontpaged) :D

oh wow!

this is really great! it shows how blind people can be when they sin! (ob and by the way im an atheist) but im not that asshole atheist who wants to debate every religious person! great art by the way!

Ya and...

Are you a christian?

Great Interpretation

I like what you've done here. As Waywatcher23 said, the tree looks like a brain and the trunk like a brain stem, adding to the whole "Tree of Knowledge" thing. Very nice.

To answer E-NA6CE, Eve may have been the first to bite into the apple, but the whole thing started much sooner than that. Resentment was already beginning to show in her when she told the serpent that God said they could not even TOUCH the tree lest they die; God only said not to eat its fruit.

And Adam also isn't totally innocent here, but not because he followed suit on eating from the tree. The major reason he got the worst end of the curse is because he was God's image bearer and he blew it. But I don't think it's the only reason. You see, Adam was standing right there when Eve had the conversation with the serpent and bit into the fruit. The Bible is good with mentioning little things like when someone changes locations or if someone was present. No translation of the Bible says that Eve went anywhere to give Adam the fruit, and many translations actually say that Adam was with her at the time.

Adam got the brunt of the curse because he was made in the image of God and blew it, but I think it's also because he didn't stop Eve when he could have.

The serpent, on the other hand, was Satan himself, or at least being influenced by Satan. God's first promise pertaining to Christ is when he's cursing the serpent, and says that the woman's offspring will crush his head.

The whole story isn't about berating humanity for being curious. Curiosity is not a sin. What IS a sin is not trusting God, which is exactly what happened here: They had no reason to not trust God, and they suffered a spiritual (and eventually physical) death because of it. Our inability to resist our sinful natures came as a result of the fall; it did not cause it.

And for the state of the garden, it was left intact and God put a guard at the entrance. Nowhere does it state that the garden was destroyed.


I noticed that the tree looks kind of like a brain, with the trunk being a brain stem, which I think is cool since it was the tree of knowledge.

Credits & Info

4.40 / 5.00

Jul 27, 2010
10:25 PM EDT
File Info
548 x 750 px
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