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Next to all the 2d art I make and dare to expose to the open public and possible scarring the lot for liiiffee..

I also make 3D art..! yaay ,well. basicly I started making this.. a year ago as I tend to model things in 3d like weapons.. I hate modelling organic things. I had troubles with finding my textures back so.. I kept it to a standard kind of metal texture from Mental ray

(3ds Max Autodesk)


a spaz 12 is my gun i wish to shoot some day


THE 12 SPAZ IS LIKE MY FAVORITE SHOTGUN! ( even thou i love all the shotguns and a couple dozen other guns but who cares?)

sweet gun

like everyone else said, its pretty cool, but needs a little more detail on the back and s'more detail to the barrel... great; could use a basic scope of some sort...

great job!

Dawn-Breaker responds:

Heh thanks! and .. a scope on a shotgun? never understood the concept of that.

good start

Over all I think you have a good start.

Some areas like the hand grip need a little more roundness. Also, as it has been mentioned before, turn down the reflectivity, and some beveling on some of the edges would really help.

I'd like to see an unwrap over all and some textures done to this.

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Dawn-Breaker responds:

Thank you.

to think of it, I started this quite some time ago and I remember how I avoided making the handgrip xD

And yes I'll try and patch this piece up and make it look more convincing as its an actual functioning weapon in the future with actual textures :D

Excellent geometry, but...

So, the model itself is great. This is the basic structure of a truly believable shotgun, and well over 50% of the work has been done, and it has been done well.

There are a few things that really hurt the model itself:
(1) More beveling and/or smoothing. Almost all the edges are too sharp.
(2) Reduce the reflectivity. The finer details very hard to see right now.
(3) The pump has two issues. It needs more room to move back and forth to reload, and you should make a "hole" in the pump for the shaft. We need to believe that the pump moves on the rod, and isn't attached to it.

Otherwise, this is great work and I can't wait to see more your stuff!

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Dawn-Breaker responds:

Thanks for the proffesional critisism!

I was aware that at some points ,I started getting lazy in making parts of the shotgun seem more individual and actually being a part of the shotgun rather then being there.

For example; the mounted shoulder support piece was quite a problem as I used boolean to create the holes in it and end up having allot of unpractical edges in the mesh ,I deleted as many as I could but it still excits out of quite allot of mesh supporting edges. and this making it quite a click by click job to add some chamfering to the edges and making it look more bevelling.

Basicly I still didn't find out what the best way is to decreate zones of mesh in a mesh.. or something

Other then that I put on the standard Autodesk metal ontop of the weapon as I'm lazy and personally like the material ,its good for that "showcase" feel and for a mental ray material it renders quite fast.

Anyhow. I shall keep these things in mind as I continue modelling new things :D

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Nov 30, 2010
10:50 AM EST
3D Art
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