M34 Auto-sniper


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Well uhmm yeah the title has no technical confirmation or anything.. its kinda made up I have no idea if there is an M34 already xD..

This actually started out as a M4A1 carbine rifle or the good old M16 but.. obviously its a bit different.. it kinda reminded me of an M21 rifle but.. I have no idea I eventually just modeled components pure by mind so it'll probally not even function if based on what you can see on the body and such xD..

But oh well, I had fun modelling this one.


you did that

it dont look like you drew it but it looks all right i dont like reporting people becouse then that makes me a snich and a bitch so i give it a 10.10 and voted 5

Dawn-Breaker responds:

Weelll my friend it's not drawn it's 3-Dimensional art.



Dawn-Breaker responds:

UHHMM I'M S-SORRY?! .. wait what? thanks for the 10 I guess 8D


i really like all of our drawings keep up the good work

Dawn-Breaker responds:

Gee thanks man ! really appreciated and, yes... I shall try and keep up the goodwork

Good, but a few points

I love the model design. It's a really nice weapon, and I think that this could be a really excellent 3D piece, but for a few things.
(a) It's blurry. That's weird in 3D.
(b) All the circular pieces need more faces, particularly the sight scope.
(c) The reflections in the metal are too strong, and a real material that's bumpy like that wouldn't have the clear reflections that you have.
(d) BEVEL. You did some, apparently by hand (woot), but it's not enough.

You clearly worked really hard on this, and it shows in a lot of details. I'm just offering simple improvements, not detracting from the value of the piece. Good stuff!

Dawn-Breaker responds:

I highly appreciate the usefull critisism you give on my 3d pieces (2 so far)..

Dunno where the blurry bit came from though, Rendered in HDTV or something.. but I might've saved is as JPEG and yeah.. that probally took down some of its quality.

I was having doubts about using turbosmooth on the main base of the scope as, like you said ,it wasn't perfectly round but the turbosmooth made it look odd .. but I also tried keeping it low poly at first because I was modelling this at school and those machines aren't very co-operative with rendering

The textures are all presets from mental ray, I like working with them! but I do agree, the texture should've been more dull looking and less glossier but I'm not veryyyy experienced with making decent textures.

BEVELING argahwgrawh, well yeah I must admit that I'm not satisfied with all of the edges ,being unnaturally sharp and all, simply because my process of making this are lead by stupidly taken decisions of mine such as boolean in the front frame around the barrel.. the holes ,creating a load of edges making it allot of work to bevel by hand (glad that you noticed its done by hand mostly)!

I'm glad you like it in general though! and I shall keep these things in mind for the future when I'm planning on making some more 3D stuff.

The whole thing looks good, but

The 'thing' which could be a bipod is too unrealistic to uphold my suspension of disbelief for this fantasy weapon. :-)

All in all: pretty good!

Dawn-Breaker responds:

I had no idea what you were talking about.. but thanks!

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Feb 17, 2011
5:40 PM EST
3D Art
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