Fan Dancer - Wallpaper


Wallpaper version of my drawing, Fan Fancer.

Lots of thanks to Batto (http://batto.newgrounds.
com) for helping with the anatomy! Go check out some of her work too!

Also available in:
Widescreen (1920 x 1200)
iPhone/iPod Touch (320 x 480)

Will post these versions if response is good.

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Some of the details you've put in ehre are really amazing- the floral designs on her kimono are the best of these. There is a nice sense of realism in the work, with the shading and shadowing. You really do need to tighten up the clarity and focus of the background somewhat, making things a little more defined and present, and the foreground elements need a bit of a touch-up as well. Also, make sure the skin-tones are a little more standard in appearance for someone of the subject's linage; some of the highlights and shadows on her skin don't seem quite right.

Perfect Face Proportions - A Rare Skill

It is extremely rare that you see an artist able to create accurate and real proportions of a face. Often artists exaggerate or minimize them to their own image or a particular theme. Although this can be done to make a subject more relevant to such themes or attractive to an artist's taste in features, you have kept it real and true to life while making it absolutely beautiful. In other words, many of the faces in your works look as if they belong to the subject, not to your art tools. I sincerely believe very few people can do this. I would love to see you create a face with a harder emotion to convey in realistic portraits, such as anger or embarrassment.

Good Work.

Hello bro,
well I do not know what happend with the guys below... I do not have intention to criticize them in a bad way but 0 and 2 for minimun details that are more like personal opinion do not put a balance in helping people to improve and developing more creative ideas.

I really like this one because you can crealy see the technique and the message is accessible and that is something very important because now and days, the art tend to be very hard to understand and I include mine.

9/10 - 5/5

daryl2158 responds:

hello there,

i'm glad you like it. Actually I welcome any criticism, I'll just use those I find useful :). So far I've been researching on better ways to convert scanned drawings to digital before I work on my next piece (if at all).

But once again, thanks for the review!

Btw, I like your sculptures and paintings too. I wish I would have the chance to learn how to paint watercolours too someday.


ok, fuck those stupid kids, they can suck it your pencil works are pretty damn good and i love the colors, your sealis sweet, it brings a nice full look to this work, however, was the back ground just a pic run through photo shop??
I only ask 'cause it takes away from your art, you should have - if you did- used the color pencil filter. all and all your a good artist and stupid 2o year olds should not distract you from that.

daryl2158 responds:

hey thanks man, that means a lot. yea the background was a photo run through PS, but it was heavily modified, because i actually had to brush some of the areas myself when it didn't fit. i'm not exactly a digital artist and all.

original photo though. :). perhaps i should have made that more clear in the description.

I got feedback about the background taking away from the art as well, I think I might put it a little more out of focus so it doesn't distract.

once again thanks for the review and encouragement!

Work on it

Her skin looks greasy and unattractive, make sure you get the shading right next time.
Also the fans look cheap, if you're trying to get a true Asian/ oriental them they would be more intricate and detailed.

daryl2158 responds:

Same as the above for the shading. It looks entirely alright on the real life drawing, so I just need to find a better way to digitize it.

As for the fans, the oriental paper fans you see outside in the shops with those little designs on them? They're not dancing fans. Dancing fans are usually pretty simple, and made of cloth. Any designs would only serve to distract, so at most there are like...one sequin on each segment. That's...about it.

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Jan 19, 2010
5:28 AM EST
Fine Art
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1600 x 1200 px
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