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[Comm] Ciaran Xanderson Ref


I had the great pleasure of drawing this handsome man, which also happens to be a proficient wizard with a very convenient taste towards elves... :V

This is Ciaran Xanderson, wolfiebynature's wizard OC. AND, he's one of his characters, included in Livantia (or will be appear soon at least), with his permission, forming the main party that will help Ilyse in her quest of taking down the Dark Sorceress, while... having a lot of fun in the process X3.

This has also a pretty much nice nakkid version, which can be seen here!


Name: Ciaran Xanderson
Gender: Male
Age: 32

Likes: Studying the arcane, practicing spells, helping out commoners, chicken, omlettes, reading fiction.

Dislikes: Dark mages, necromancers, higher-class people who abuse power.

Personality: Ciaran is sarcastic, snarky and a complete dick sometimes. But that's a front for the philosophical protector of the innocent that Ciaran is in his heart. He can't see someone drop something without picking it up for them. He is also quick to anger if the right buttons are pushed; the best way to do that is to attempt to rape someone. He is unable to get physically close with people he doesn't already know as well, so he treasures his friends

Abilities: Wizards are lightning rods for arcane magic, and Ciaran is no exception: able to cast anything from Fire Stream and Beam of Frost to high level spells like Call of Thunder or Time Stop. His real strength lies in his adaptability-he's able to change his tactics and spells on the fly, even in the middle of a fight. (His most powerful spell is "Cinis cinerem"-a powerful beam of arcane power. What makes it powerful is that Ciaran can modify it in the middle of casting it: he can widen the beam with "concercus", make enemies hit explode instead of disintegrating with "LEVITAS" (though he has to shout the word), shoot additional beams at nearby enemies (but reduce the power of the primary beam) with "chao nexum" and weaken the defense of enemies hit by it with "vehementiam". However, he dislikes using the spell if he can help it as it leaves him unable to move while casting it.) (He also knows a spell to heavily empower an allies' attacks for a few seconds: "Monstra te fortitudinem.")

Ambition: To kill every dark sorcerer and necromancer he comes across, and destroy all knowledge of dark magic he finds.


About Ciaran:
Ciaran grew up in a family of wealthy human nobles away from Asmana. Rather than grow into a pompous noble like his parents and brother, Ciaran wanted to do more for the commoners. He found his answer in magic: he spent the early years of his teens practicing spells and using them to benefit the lower classes (such as lighting campfires for the homeless). His talent for magic was recognized by the royal court's sorceress, and she trained him in manipulating and calling upon the arcane.

However, during one sparring run shortly after he turned 20, something awoke in Ciaran, and revealed him to be a wizard. (The difference between mages and wizards is that mages have natural limits in terms of casting spells. Wizards are born with no such limit, and are much more powerful as a result.) Seeing this as a sign that Ciaran was destined for something more, the sorceress encouraged him to go out into the world and explore it, and to never stop seeking knowledge. Her one request was for him to destroy "dark magic" users, and any tomes that contained it. He arrived in Asmana a year or two ago, and there's no shortage of dark mages to kill. Not that he's complaining.

Ciaran Xanderson is (c) to wolfiebynature

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Sep 16, 2019
4:06 PM EDT
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