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Guardian Angel

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Feb 17, 2011 | 9:13 PM EST
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Well, its been sometime since i drew something like putting some real effort in it. This drawing i did specially for two friends of mine. My cousin Alice (Inspiration for the Angel) and my friend Diana (The girl praying). I honestly think its my best work so far. What you guys think?



Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Some bits could perhaps use some smoothing

There isn't a ton of sky showing in this picture, but I think you did good to put the moon, some clouds, and starts in there rather than just leaving it dark blue or something. However, I don't think those blurs look too good on the lower stars. Stars are usually pretty clear and bright when you look at them, right? If you just put some clean white dots on a dark background, the contrast will make them look bright like stars; I personally put a little navy blue around my stars (and lightning), seems to help somehow. It's alright to give them some glow, just be careful not to let them blend into the background and look blurry.

I'm not really sure what to say about trees since my bark usually doesn't look too convincing. I see you've got some different colours in there, but they're pretty similar, so it's hard to tell them apart. My general rule with shading is that if you're doing it, you should try to make it noticeable without having to zoom in or closely examine it. It's the middle of the night, though... I dunno, there should be some ways to make the tree look more like a tree.

I think the angel's hands look especially good. The foot shape is pretty good, but I'm not seeing the ball of the foot and the big toe looks too similar to the other toes. Also keep in mind the toes, like fingers, have more than one joint, so those lines between them should be a bit longer. The window looks a little rough, but I think you had very good attention to detail there. I mean, it's even got the locking mechanism. The bed also has quite good detail and the room is pretty well done in general. The pink walls are pretty bright, though, which is a little distracting; I'd maybe make them a bit duller.

That attic window has an interesting shape and the wood looks good. The shape of the arc is uneven, though, which is weird. Those scratches on the shingles are simple, but effective in making the shingles not look too plain. Shingles are laid on top of the house's wooden frame, so you might wanna have some wood show under the shingles (even if painted the same as the wall colour). This frame should also stick out a bit so rain or snow slides off the roof instead of dripping down the walls. Eavestroughs could also be added. The lines on the wooden fence in the back look pretty good, but the grass looks pretty plain and empty.

The angel's wings stick out to me as odd, mainly. The angle of them looks off somehow, but I can't quite put my finger on it... Angels are usually depicted as having pure, white, and fluffy wings, but here they look dark and not too fluffy. Rather than having smooth or cut off edges, you could maybe try having the tips of the feathers stick out. Sorta like if your hand was just hanging loose and your fingers would still be distinguishable as individual fingers facing downwards, not like if you had all your fingers spread out since that would make some messy looking wing. It's mainly on the bottom edge that the feathers should be distinguishable, but having them on the outter edges could also be good.
Another thing is the angel's hair; it looks short and sorta like a mullet. The shine and stuff on the hair isn't too noticeable, but it makes it look like each strand of hair is very short. Maybe you intended this, but I think it would look better if the strands of hair looked longer - as if a strand was long enough to go from the top of her head to her shoulders. I'm not really sure how to describe how to do that with words, though. The girl in the window evidently has longer hair, anyway.

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