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Abysm : the world of Surface


Time for some more concept pieces for Abysm, this time featuring the world of Surface.

Abysm consists of two major locations: The Abyss, which is the endless maze found inside breaches formed by surface storms, and Surface
Surface is a colorful land constantly raged by storms which are caused by the Abyss phenomena, both summoning breaches leading to the maze, spawning dangerous cubelike constructs, and entrapping the entire world under its impenetrable cloud cover which resembles the underside of ocean waves.

The rodent-folk of Surface are constantly battling the storms which move across the battered landscape and to avoid the constant struggles, have created moving cities called Guilds (both hostile and neutral). Since the sky is quite literally not navigable, all of the activity takes place on land. Another drastic side-effect of the breach occurrence on Surface were the draining of the majority of the seas and oceans of Surface, with most of the water draining into the Abyss and forcing the denizens of Surface to dive into the Abyss for its resources to survive. While most water is gone from surface, there are many locations in which it still can be found plentifully. However, this has also caused much of the ocean floor and the massive trenches below the now-missing sea to become exposed. Over the many hundreds of years much of the previously-seafaring wildlife and plants adapted to suit land conditions (another side effect of the Abyss).

To ward off the storms, guilds over many hundreds of years constructed giant repulsors in the shape of tetrapods, keeping most of the storms at bay and by extention any construct attacks or unpredictable Abyssal doorways. This became known as the shoreline on maps and to travelers, dignifying the border between safety and immensely dangerous territory.

You can get exclusive early access, HD, and lore bits first on my patreon! Abysm is my upcomic web series.
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4.77 / 5.00

May 18, 2021
10:48 PM EDT
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