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You might want to take some art classes. Although this is probably a better drawing than the average population of the world could make, I still don't think it's ArtPortal-worthy. Sorry.


I can't help but laugh at the tag "beauty." I clicked this to see something radically idiotic but instead found an image similar to that of my childhood during homeroom. Honestly this doesn't belong in the art section because it seems like an intricate doodle and solely that. Maybe if it was flash it would be more appealing to the eye. (Except the tri-breasted alien?)If you tell me how long this took you I might rate this higher out of shear effort on making this a pile of random with a side of insanity. [Confused]

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i think what he is say is

that it not a good drawing it look like it was drawn by a 3 year old but then again you do better than i can but still dude it is just wierd

DaManginasfcwalb responds:

In the words of hunter s thompson "It never got wierd enough for me." However any constructive criticism besides me killing myself or to stop drawing would be nice.I also wonder why this drawing has so much attention.Probably because there is boobs in it.Also dude you should learn how to write before you try to make a review.When I see "I think what he is say" in a review it makes me think a 3 year old is writing to me.Also to make sense you should of wrote "It looks like" not "It look like".Thanks for great review!

Just because

Every site on the net that features this rating of artwork needs 1 really bad drawing. Let's hope no more come out tho...

DaManginasfcwalb responds:

Glad to hear you like it being well versed in ebonics,old school jive and slang I know by Bad you mean....... damn good brotha! So it is some funkay good news to know my drawing is the baddest drawing on this newgrounds.com without a doubt mah soul brother! Thanks for the great review!


I really only took off five points for the simple things, artistic skill shouldnt really be graded, as it comes with practice. I honestly have no idea what this is all about, and if you just drew it for the hell of it, yay for random drawing!

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DaManginasfcwalb responds:

I just realized that orange elephant is massaging that pink chick's feet.hahah she has three boobs and a tail.Zombie jesus loves you! I hope to be the best cartoonist ever one day however aspiration leads to persperation!Thanks for the great review!

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Jun 22, 2009
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