ill sell my eastern testicle for Velzad r34


"Hey since you found this text I will tell you the tall tale of my nipples.
It all started when I was a wee boy and my nipples first developed.
I was fascinated by them and tweaked them at any chance I could get.
From then on they became pointier and longer, like icicles forming directly outwards from my underage chest.

It got to the point whenever I put on a shirt that didn't have predetermined nipple holes, my diamond hard tits would pierce the fabric and ruin the shirt.
I was ashamed of myself. I wish I'd never have tweaked, twisted or pulled my nipples to such an extreme length.
I am the cause of the demise of many friendships. Speaking of ships, my nipples grew them to the size of dual icebreakers. I started calling them my TITanics.
The points at the ends of these colossal nips were reaching atomic size. each nipple could pierce titanium steel with ease. looking back, I'm sad to say that I became a renound bank robber. I went with the alias of the nipple crippler.
I crippled security guards and police officers with a swift spinal tit tap.
They were wheelchair bound for the rest of their lives.

I became a monster...

With every spine I severed, With every bank I robbed. I felt emptier. I felt like I should be doing something better with my life.
I fell into a deep melancholy for a good part of a year, trying to figure out where I went so wrong.

One day, whilst I was areola deep into someones spinal cord it hit me.
I could be using these powers for good, not evil. I swore to change my life as the realization dawned upon me. But I had to finish the job, piercing the bank vaults locks with my titties. I made a swift escape.

I had to go over a vast array of changes to my person. I had to gain a new Identitty. My name was no longer Paul Udder. It was now Michael O'Milky McTit.
The perfect name.
I decided to immigrate to Puerto Rico, though the flight over was plagued by awkward stares. I don't know why.

Half way through the flight, I accidentally bore a mighty hole across the side of the economy seating area. All passengers were sucked out of due to the difference in pressure that I created.
I fell for at least 3 seconds. It turns out the plane hadn't even left the airport. A hurricane was happening approximately 0.0042 earth to moon units of length away.

I knew right then and there that this was my chance to redeem myself and make a new name for myself: Michael O'Milky McTit.
I thrust my breasts towards the hurricane in an attempt to stop it.
"Darn" I thought to myself. "You can't penetrate wind..."
But then it dawned upon me. I can split the oxygen atoms with my Planck sized ampulla.

I screamed in determination as I split each atom with my tits, each time causing a fission reaction. Within thirty seconds the shockwave hit me, but that didn't stop me. I pushed through the radioactive blast and finished destroying the hurricane.

It hit me as my adrenaline high ran out, my nipples were reduced to charred stumps. I fell to my knees and wept. My defining feature gone, gone to the atomic wind.
I stood up and looked around, there was no sign of anyone around.
I was alone, I was stripped of my nips, I was a husk of my former self.
Tit wasn't fair...

I walked and walked and walked some more. Eventually I found the sea.
I smiled and continued walking.
As I finish writing this, have put this life story into a .bat file and sent it to the Green Pepper Studios discord. This is my final gift to everyone in this beautiful world.

And now all that is left to do is walk into the sea and leave this plane of existence. Don't try to find me. by the time you find this it's already too late.


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charms More Cute

nice story

This Is Kelzad And Velour

that was the best "random" author's comments I've read.
nice art tho

kelz is still gay tho

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