Shield (Green)


This is pretty much the same thing as this: http://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/cyberdevil/shield

But green. :P

Each item on the shield represents an aspect of my personality.

Made with Illustrator.

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A green ver

So this is like the "ORANGE" one you had in 2009 ? the colors are nice, the design is flashy and it really does speak volumes and jumps out at you, I like it, would make for a good "LOGO" of some sorts.

Maaybe something a bit in the backround but not much.


Cyberdevil responds:

Yes indeed, same shield; different color. Glad you like it! :) Looks like you reviewed the other in great detail too.

A quite nice, simple design. I'd rather like a painted shield of a similar design mounted on a wall in my house but maybe that's just my sense of style and it's probably the cartoonish use of line and curves.

There are a few little things that stand out to me as needing some improvement for example I'm not too sure about the lines coming off of the snake, is it on fire? Is it hairy? I'm not sure what you were aiming for with that one. If it's meant to be on fire I would always stay away from showing something on fire in all black. It just doesn't give that sense of light that is really needed even in a cartoon. Either flames in silhouette or the object not both, this may just be me.

Another thing is the yellow of the flowers don't stand out very well again the green of the shield. Maybe a different colour scheme would have been better (I'm aware that there is an orange version that you have also uploaded). In that area the vines that the flowers are on also look a little thick.

And Finally the boat on the right. I really think that it isn't needed at all in the piece and it really is taking things just that bit too far into the minimalistic, cartoon design side of things. It looks like the boat on the picture in The Simpsons. I get the impression that you put it there so that it was clear that the waves are indeed waves, this would be clear without the boat.

All in all it's not a bad piece I just feel that the little details were either under thought or were added when they simple weren't needed.

- Review Request Club -

Cyberdevil responds:

That would be pretty cool! :D

Hmm yeah, not sure what I thought about when drawing the lines... probably for effect, but there might've been some underlying meaning with that too, like my hair does grow quickly... It's not flames though, that's for certain.

As for the boat, all these details signify some aspect of my personality, there's really nothing superfluous in it, waves and boat stand for separate notions, but I agree it looks a bit simple compared to the rest. Thanks for the feedback!

Wow this is rated 5/5 :O

Cyberdevil responds:

Probably not that many votes yet. :)


Cyberdevil responds:


hey, did you know that I used this picture as one of my CD icons for an audio submission? it was there, before the redesign that erased all the CD artwork. I think I prefer the green to orange.

(ps, sorry about my rating the juice shower art...i swear i gave it 4.5 stars, but it published my review as giving you a zero. hopefully NG doesn't do it again)

Cyberdevil responds:

Yeah, I saw that! Maybe you mentioned it too. I didn't realize cover art was deleted with the redesign though, shame... After seeing the orange one so long I prefer this one too, it's so much... easier on the eye somehow. Green and Orange were/maybe are my favorite colors btw, thus he background on this personal insignia

Ah, no problem, with this 4.5 it's like a 2.25 balance. :P

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4.73 / 5.00

Oct 15, 2013
5:06 PM EDT
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