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Politically Correct Artwork


Here's a quick piece that no parties should be able to find any offense in, from which everyone may fuel their inspiration with interpretations of their choice, of course with these chosen interpretations limited only to interpretations of non-insulting matters.

Maybe you'll see the metaphor within this darkness. Maybe you'll see, that for a creative community where content is moderated by whim and sympathy rather than policy and law, where freedom of expression and artistic creativity is un-allowed to roam free, the path may be dark and dreary.

I don't believe in a future where the media dictates the right of each individual citizen, not in countries nor on communities. I believe that every functioning society or group is a forum where each voice should be heard equally, where everyone has a right to express their innermost desires and doubts, and everyone has a right to express their discontent with said individual, as long as their offense is not a criminal one. The right to express yourself is a fundamental freedom of any democracy, and I like to believe this is a democratic community, one of the last free bastions of the net, a place where everyone can feel at ease, be themselves and view the rest of the world from a distance, objectively, fairly; as tastelessly as they feel a need to.

Censorship is like an aspirin, it doesn't take away the underlying problem, only the symptom. In the case of NG, this symptom being taken away is a big problem. That's my opinion.

This is a peaceful protest.

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You sum up everything I now hate about this place perfectly.

When I go to the chat, I feel as if conversations are more forced, more robotic. Often times the chat will be reset as a warning to "talk about something else". It's fucking garbage, it's not how a chat about free rampant discussion should work. People for saying "offensive words", people just, generally not knowing what the fuck a block button is. I see where this place is going, it's a place for "everyone" and forces "everyone" to be accepted and by one another. It results in deeper grievances with everyone because they can't duke it out with their words like human beings do.

When I signed up here, "everyone" included assholes. I would choose to have it no other way. But now we're appealing to a newer generation, a more sensitive one, I guess. Of course, they're damn near the only ones who combat people who say what they want. I've noticed the longtime regulars all think about the same way we all reviewing this do (with very few exceptions).

Thanks for this.

Cyberdevil responds:

Guess those new private chatrooms might be a workaround? Though in private it's not really a community. It's a shame this is still relevant three years later; moving in this direction even after that huge censorship debate, and what seemed like a commitment to keeping things in the future as free as possible, with the one submission removed the one exception. I imagine steady finances would make it easier to not try to cater to everyone ambiguously like this, but drawing in new visitors by keeping the current ones restrained doesn't seem like the right way to go. I like how this place keeps evolving in terms of features and content, but I don't think there'd be less if we went back to our roots and stayed a bit more rebellious; not so coaxed by the competition to change. As long as there's nothing quite like NG that'll be a lure for it - people need a place to really express themselves and speak their mind.

Thanks for commenting!

Mmh, I guess someone will find this "politically uncorrect" too... for example: among all colors, why did you choose black?!

Cyberdevil responds:

Was wondering when someone would comment on that. :) Always something!

I agree with the sentiment of this, and also your post in that thread. Frankly, it was a mistake on Tom's part to claim all that bleeding heart sympathy for loved ones stuff. Its patently untrue. Tom just realized his website was going to be viciously attacked in the media unless he did X. He should have just said that, and we could all move on.

Cyberdevil responds:

Whichever the reason behind his decision was, if it was out of sympathy, or out of fear for the media, it still feels like the wrong decision. It'd still spark this debate (probably even more so if he mentioned it was all due to media pressure - there's no sympathy in that), because this is an important stance for the site. I'm still hoping the debate will, if not change this case, at least make it clear for the future what's important to the users! Would be a real shame if this is the future. Thanks for the comment.

Though i do believe people should be able to do or say what ever they want I also understand how it can hurt others. ?I personally say if you don't like it don't (do it, watch it, eat it, ext ext. )
With that said this piece of art had me sling my computer against the wall out of frustration of the image not loading lol you troll you

Cyberdevil responds:

I understand that, but people's freedom of expression comes first IMO. It would be a very dull world if nobody voiced their opinion, or even had an opinion for that matter... haha, offended by that which cannot offend! :P Thanks for the comment..

Not sure if artwork is politically correct,
Or that my computer screen can't display it.

Cyberdevil responds:

Political correctness breeds uncertainty...

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Nov 19, 2013
10:09 AM EST
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666 x 666 px
3.3 KB

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