Inktober #26 Synergy Nerves


I started drawing a board of checkers but then... this happened instead. I call it the epitome of strategy. The mind's eye. Behind the board game: he hides in your brain.

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I had a strange feeling the other day very much like the feeling this picture brings up in me as I look at it now...It was Saturday night and my brother recently bought a checker board with checkers so we could play. It has been years since we played and I have never lost a game of checkers in my entire life. I bragged about this endlessly and my brother knew it too. But this time it was different, I began to struggle. I tried to recooperate myself after the terrible mistake I made a few moves ago but it was too late. I started to sweat and my vision began to distort and became very warped. Kind of like in an anime when a character is having a panic attack. Just when I thought the pressure was too much something happened. For a split second it felt as if the vision in front of me, the veil of checkers was lifted like a curtain to reveal a most devastating sight. I was outside my body and yet I could see right through it like a x-ray scan! It was as if my entire body was made of filaments of light and I can see every organ. Everything looked like this except the head. There was something wrong. A red spot, couldn't have been more than the size of a fist, was sitting atop the frontal lobe of my brain. It had red tentacles shooting out from every direction, moving and whipping. The way it moved was nauseating. I noticed my body began moving on its own. It was playing checkers all by itself without me, or my consciousness I should say. I could see my miserable face as the red creature flailed relentlessly behind it. It was then that a horrible realization descended upon me like a wet blanket. That monster was controlling me!! I made a monumental effort to move, to do something to get rid of the parasite. It was no use. Just then, I could sense the creature noticed me. It let out the most high pitched horrid scream imaginable. Pain reverberated through my consiousness and I was instantly transported back into my body. As my perception became somewhat normal I could not shake the feeling that whatever that was, it was still inside me. Pushing buttons, pulling levers, controlling my every action, my every thought! But then I had a second thought... That it was probably my imagination so I just went on and played checkers and had a good time!

Cyberdevil responds:

And... who won that checkers game? :O Can't leave me hanging like this Chutney!!! Man. What a cliffhanger...

On an unrelated note it seems you wouldn't have any trouble delving into the realm of story writing too! This was something else, real (was it really...?) or no. The tensest game of checkers I've ever been allowed to witness. I felt myself drawn into the room, ducking through the darkness, in my mind's eye seeing you battling the creature within your mind far from the side, clearly visible even within this surrounding blackness, in the midst of mist and imagination, not knowing what was real or not... but let's clear the plot. Truly a chilling encounter conveyed! And coincidence if it was. I'm humbled it happened on my page.

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Oct 30, 2018
5:19 PM EDT
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