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Constitutional Position of Man


Tim Halloran 'The Constitutional Position of Man', colored pencils 2011
"The central figure is dressed in a yellow garb representative of his position as a Vaishnava devotee. He represents every human being. Even though there are a variety of religions, it is well understood in Vaishnavism that all human beings are inherently spiritual and that Krishna, whom is referred to by innumerable names (God) is seated within the heart of every living entity. Krishna Himself is understood to be the fundamental reality, and He is the original and eternal Personality from which all things arise and vanish. He is unlike any other thing in existence in that He is total, whole and perfect. He is the complete embodiment of beauty and unconditional love. It is the original and constitutional position of every soul (the Atman, which is also seated within the spiritual heart) to be in constant devotional service to Krishna, for it is understood that Krishna is the all-pervasive controller and maintainer of everything, and that He is the embodiment of all knowledge. It is understood to be a mistake when a human-being believes they can own any possession in material reality, including the body, for Krishna (whom is also a personification of death) is actually in possession of everything. The devotee understands and accepts this, and so serves Krishna at all times in heart, mind and action causing a change in consciousness through which the devotee returns back to his constitutional position of being a servant of Krishna. One who returns to this position reestablishes an intimate relationship with Krishna, a tangible direct connection in which one is always situated in unconditional love. Tears pour from the devotee's eyes, which are half closed in serenity. These are physical signs of the ecstatic position of being in contact with Krishna. Light and energy radiate from the body of the devotee which shows the immensity of the loving-energy such a pure devotee would radiate. At his feet there are a variety of devotional objects. At the bottom-left the stack of writing is typical of how ancient religious texts were recorded. On the top page is inscribed the holy names 'Hare Krishna, Hare Ram' in Sanskrit characters. Lying in the center at the devotee's feet is a one hundred and eight beaded japa-mala, which is used for silent chanting meditation. Also by his feet are devotional instruments, kartalas (small cymbals) and a Tilak Mridanga (drum) which are used for sankirtana devotional singing of holy names. The halo of light around the devotee's head shows that he is not only situated in the physical world but also the spiritual world in being connected with Krishna. "

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This really reminds me of Alex Grey's work.


I love the subject and execution, and the detail of those marks radiating from him is stunning.


The symbolism is fantastic the art its self is great and really i just love it when a fellow artist has a real feel and story to what hes creating.


Dude Can you scout me just look at my work and see if its worth being on newgroundz. other than that pretty cool art

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4.94 / 5.00

Feb 14, 2011
1:21 PM EST
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651 x 900 px
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