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New Art! Kendumon, an Agumon-variant


A project I've been working on during my off-time at work over a few months, and a redo of one of my old digimon ideas. Meet Kendumon!

Kendumon and the digivolutions I'm still working on are all a split line from Agumon X. The idea is that this split evolution stemming from a Koromon injected with an X Antibody was born after the Koromon evolved while fighting an Agumon X, defeating it mid-evolution and including the skull in it's new evolution. As it was actively destroying the Agumon data, the system glitched and rapidly tried to evolve the Koromon into something different, but since the only evolution possible for a Koromon with the X-Antibody is Agumon X, the system edited the data of Agumon X into this brand new digimon.

Kendumon actively hunt Agumon for sport, and as such use attacks that counter the agumon line.

Baby Burst: A shotgun burst of blue flames comprised of superheated Baby Flames (Pepper Breath in English)

from the mouth.

Kendu Blade: Kendumon carry a short blade on their waist that is made of impure Chrome Digisoid, able to

counter the claws of even Agumon X and many Champion Digimon.

Rock Wrecker: Similar to a Guilmon, Kendumon can use the ability known as Rock Wrecker leading some to

believe Kendumon are the in-between of Agumon and Guilmon. The user spins using their powerful claws,

attacking anything in the way. Able to break large boulders.

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nice! An interesting take on a alternative evolution.

Credits & Info

4.15 / 5.00

Mar 28, 2019
9:47 PM EDT
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1585 x 2509 px
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